25th Annual Colonial Ice Bowl

Saturday, February 5, 2022 at New Quarter Park in Williamsburg, Virginia
Disc golf doubles tournament

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** UPDATE 1.28.22 -- The Ice Bowi has been postponed until February 5, 2022** ** UPDATE 1.20.22 -- we have ... more
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Michael Marshalsea    February 4 at 9:23pm

Tim if we can’t find a partner can we play single? Also, can we register at the course tomorrow?

Tim Dempsey   February 4 at 11:22pm

You can sign up tomorrow at the park for the afternoon round. I think there are a few other people still looking for a partner also.. If you end up being the only odd man then I'll add you in also,

Tom Sides    February 4 at 1:12pm

Tim, can you please pair up the Old Newbies and the Hyzer Boys on the same card in the A9 division. Thanks!

Tim Dempsey   February 4 at 11:25pm

got it

Tim Dempsey    February 4 at 1:29am

Give me your group requests if you have them. I'll have the hole assignments on the scoreboard when you check in at the park.


John Jedlinski    February 3 at 8:54pm

Hey Tim,
I need to remove Rob Pittman from my team as he is unable to make it but will be replacing him with Becky Jones. We would also like to switch divisions to mixed but would still like to be paired with Davy Nichols and Marsha Jedlinski

Tim Dempsey   February 3 at 9:29pm

Do you have a new team name?

Corey Chambless    February 2 at 11:06pm

Hey Tim, my partner will not be able to make the new date because of work.
Can you please refund and withdraw Corey Chambless and Melvin Medrano?

Tim Dempsey   February 3 at 1:45am

refunded both.... still time left to find a partner. Including day of. You can sign up then.

Burt Grimsley    January 31 at 1:21pm

Hey Tim,
I will need to switch divisions and partners. John Grimsley will not be able to make the new date.
I tried to edit myself but it’s not working. Is there anyway you can put Lindsey Grimsley 145342 in place of John Grimsley 107865? Then move the us into the mixed 9am division. I appreciate your help.

Tim Dempsey   January 31 at 3:23pm

I have everything moved around. Do you have a new team name?

Burt Grimsley   January 31 at 4:45pm

Awesome, greatly appreciated Tim.

Jeffrey Noble    January 28 at 3:00pm

Please Withdraw and refund Alex Richard and Jeff Noble. We are unable to make the rescheduled date.


Tim Dempsey    January 28 at 2:47pm

The 25th Annual Colonial Ice Bowl has been officially postponed until February 5, 2022 due to snow. York County has decided to close New Quarter Park for Saturday January 25. It comes as no surprise since the snow forecast has not changed much since Tuesday.

I never thought one of ice bowls would be cancelled because of snow. Snow is something that makes an ice bowl a true ice bowl.

If you cannot attend on February 5, please contact me if you would like I refund. You can also request a re ... more


Kyle Moyer    January 27 at 11:35pm

Has this definitely been pushed to the following week or is it going down to the wire on what new quarter does? I don't mind either way.

Tim Dempsey   January 28 at 12:28am

I'll let everyone know before noon tomorrow. Emails will go out and I'll post it here.

Jarrette Shoemaker    January 26 at 5:16pm

I will not be able to make the following weekend can i please get a refund

Tim Dempsey   January 28 at 3:12pm

I'll process your refund after work tonight.

Chris Yates    January 26 at 2:01pm

With the forecast right now showing heavy snow for Saturday, what is the cancel policy and is there any chance this event gets canceled?

Tim Dempsey   January 26 at 2:16pm

An email will be sent out today to everyone. The ice bowl will likely be rescheduled because park will be closed to the public.

Andrew T Zuern   January 26 at 8:10pm


Jeffrey Noble    January 20 at 2:14pm

Is the Food Closet requesting any specific items or categories for donations? I.e. canned goods, dry goods, etc?

Tim Dempsey   January 20 at 3:25pm

Most Need Items: Canned Meats (Chicken, Spam, Corned Beef), canned fruits and vegetables(string beans, butter beans, carrots, potatoes), hearty meaty soups, pasta meals, spaghetti/pasta, cereal, oat meal, peanut butter, jelly, dressing, gravy, macaroni & cheese, Box Meal Dinners, instant potatoes, family size box rice, canned beans (pinto, black, kidney, garbanzo), baby food and formula

Adam M    December 27 at 12:25am

Please pair us with Terrence and Lee if possible! Cheers