2024 Star City Classic sponsored by Disc Gauntlet + WGE

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 17-19, 2024 at Beal Slough DGC in Lincoln, Nebraska
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Lincoln Flying Disc Club Presents the 2024 Star City Classic sponsored by Disc Gauntlet - a Women's Global Eve ... more
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Ethan Falk    May 16 at 3:28pm

I’m able to be moved to ma3?

Tony Odem   May 16 at 6:37pm

Ethan, we are no longer allowing players to move divisions as tee times have been published.

Ethan Falk   May 16 at 8:31pm

Unfortunate, thank you

Dylon Knudson    May 15 at 2:11pm

I am not receiving emails from this at all.

Tony Odem   May 15 at 5:48pm

An email was sent to all participants on Monday morning using the emails provided during registration. Please either update your information or check your spam folder. More messages will be going out between tonight and tomorrow.

Matt Taitte    May 15 at 12:03am

Matt taitte 198395. I will have my friend pick up my player pack for me is that ok

Tony Odem   May 15 at 12:21am

Thank you, Matt. Noted.

Jason Haas    May 14 at 11:57pm

Hi there - I'm from out of town and have never played any of these courses but will be able to check them out on Thursday to try and familiarize myself. Comparing the pictures of B Pool Layouts, to UDISC, is it best to try and play the B Pool Layout option in UDISC for MA3 or is there a smarter way to figure out my teepads and baskets? Thanks!

Tony Odem   May 15 at 12:22am

Hi Jason, we have the rules and layout information available on the pictures tab here in disc golf scene. I would recommend using that to ensure you're also familiar with the various hole rules as those are not loaded into UDisc.

Joe Reeder   May 15 at 2:03am

And we have a league at Roper west Thursday evening...

Andrew Chisholm    May 13 at 2:43pm

Question on West hole 9 B pool OB rules. "OB - Inside edge of property fence/marked line and beyond, INSIDE EDBE OF BORDERING SIDEWALKS and beyond." This means the player needs to throw over both portions of the asphalt sidewalk to get from the tee to the basket. Either that or play the narrow gap between the sidewalk and the fence located about halfway up the fairway. Or is the asphalt portion of the sidewalk not in play and the creek on the right is what is OB.

Tony Odem   May 13 at 3:12pm

All parts of the sidewalk, whether asphalt or concrete, are the OB line. There is a narrow fairway that players may play to, or could throw over the out of bounds area to get to the wider portion of the fairway/green.

Andrew Chisholm   May 13 at 10:12pm

Good to know, thanks for the clarification!

Tony Odem    May 13 at 12:12pm

Approximate Tee Times By Division - subject to change

A Pool:
8:00 - FA1
8:10-10:10 - MA1
10:10-11:30 - Age-Protected Pros
11:30-12:00 - FPO
12:00-3:00 - MPO

B Pool:
8:00-10:00 - Age Protected Ams
10:00-10:30 - MA4
10:40-12:40 - MA3
12:50-3:00 - MA2

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Brian Loos   May 13 at 1:43pm


Sean Swihart   May 13 at 4:30pm

I’m assuming this would be the same for all three days?

Tony Odem   May 13 at 4:32pm


Andrew Chisholm    May 11 at 2:25pm

The layout picture here on dgscene for East B pool indicates MA50 & Int play a mix of red & blue. Should that say MA40 instead?

Tony Odem   May 11 at 6:44pm

Yes, it should say MA40. Working on an updated graphic to correct it. There is a note on the picture noting the error.

Andrew Chisholm   May 13 at 2:31pm

Thanks for the clarification. And on the phone the picture note does not appear.

Nicholas Clark    May 7 at 7:58pm

When will we know our times for Friday, 5/17/24? Just so I can communicate it with my job.

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Brian Loos   May 12 at 11:15pm

Is this close to happening? I'm also trying to work around the first round, thanks!

Zach Lueck   May 13 at 3:26am

Would love to have at least order of tee off for divisions to just have a rough idea in order/times

Tony Odem   May 13 at 12:12pm

This is posted above. Apologies for the delay.

Tony Odem    May 6 at 2:26pm

Roper West and Roper East are currently set in the B pool configurations. We will have additional baskets in place for the three pin locations at Roper West on Sunday, May 12 through the 16th. Beal Slough is currently in the A pool configuration with additional, unflagged baskets in the B pool positions for the seven holes in which different pin positions are being used.


James Roberts    May 6 at 1:24pm

Or when will divisional caddy books be sent out?


James Roberts    May 6 at 1:22pm

When will all three courses be set to tournament pins?

James Fleege   May 6 at 2:25pm

Hi James. Pin positions for all three courses were set yesterday. Beal Slough and Roper West each have multiple pin positions on a few holes for the A and B pools, and Roper East is setup for the B pool layout.

Jonathan Tatum    May 4 at 12:36pm

Will there be a virtual check in like last year for people out of town?

Tony Odem   May 4 at 1:17pm

Hi John, we're working on an email to all registered participants, but the only required check in will be prior to your round each day. Players packs will be available at two different times at Beal for pickup, the details of which will also be communicated early next week.

Dusty Rodiek    May 3 at 1:23am

When I originally registered for MA50 I didn’t notice there was a MA55 is there a chance I could be placed in that division? I am 59.

Chris Claring   May 3 at 2:21am

you should be able to go back in and edit your registration

Tony Odem   May 3 at 2:36pm

Hey Dusty, I'll get you switched to MA55. Some of the registration edits may not be available anymore, but I'll handle it.

Dusty Rodiek   May 3 at 3:52pm


Cole Peterson    April 30 at 2:10pm

It says I can’t register for ma1 because I’m not classified as a pro just a little confused could use some help ?

Tony Odem   April 30 at 4:36pm

Hi Cole, due to the requirements for ordering players packs items, registration for amateur divisions ended on April 17th. Registration for professional divisions is extended until May 3rd. I'll adjust some settings to allow for waitlist registrations for amateur divisions, but players on the waitlist would only be able to be promoted if someone drops no matter the field size.

Jamalle Castillo    April 29 at 2:04pm

Hey Tony,
Wondering why I only received $80 refund for my cancelation request? I understand the verbiage states
"Cancellations made from April 18 through May 2, 2024 will receive a 100% monetary refund of the entry fee minus a $10 processing fee ONLY if a player on the waitlist fills the canceled spot at the time of the withdrawal request. If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 50% monetary refund"
What I am wondering is why this applie ... more

Tony Odem   April 29 at 4:10pm

Hi Jamalle, I’m very sorry to hear about the death of a member of your family. We implemented a cancellation policy that aligns to the PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events. Additionally, we’ve followed policies implemented by many Disc Golf Pro Tour events as our goal is to provi ... more

Miles Lemke    April 26 at 3:29pm

I struggle with a lot of the pads at Roper East. Will there be relief to the side or behind for safety reason?

Tony Odem   April 26 at 6:08pm

All of the teepads at Roper East are approximately 10'x4'. They are sized correctly per PDGA standards, so there will not be an option to tee from an alternate area other than the concrete pads.

Tony Odem    April 25 at 6:33pm

Layouts for all divisions/pools can be found on the pictures tab and on the Star City Classic Instagram account.

Chris Claring   April 26 at 8:35am

do not have instagram

Max Boettcher   April 26 at 2:31pm

If you go to more in the top right on disc golf scene there's a pictures section. You can view the layouts there as well

Doug Peyton    April 25 at 5:20pm

For Pool A, are all the groups playing Gold or Blue at Beal? We are in town this weekend and would like to play it.

Tony Odem   April 25 at 6:32pm

Hi Doug, layouts were just posted to the pictures here on dgscene and can be found on the Star City Classic Instagram.

Doug Peyton   April 25 at 7:52pm

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Tony Odem    April 18 at 1:45pm

Hello everyone,

We've made the decision to move the MA40 division to the B pool to align all age-protected amateur divisions in that pool and allow for all waitlisted players to be promoted to the participant list.


Chris Blake   April 18 at 2:15pm

Please still have us old guys tee off in the morning though!

Tony Odem   April 18 at 2:21pm

40+ doesn't count as old! lol

Mike Wulbecker    April 14 at 3:36pm

Does applying Biblical Principles to your disc golf performance work? Is it doable? If interested, come to a study titled “Walking the Narrow Road thru the Wide World of Sports” with presenter Mike Wulbecker. BYOC, (bring your own chair) to Beal Slough, at 5pm for a short conversation, then stay for the players party at 5:30. All are welcome.

Dar Brandt   April 14 at 9:58pm

Excellent Mike!

Randy Doyle   April 18 at 2:10am

See you there everybody!!