2024 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships Presented by Discraft

PDGA logoTue-Sat, August 6-10, 2024 at Earl W. Brewer Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Amateur Major · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Ben Swam    Sticky June 28 at 8:41pm

As we approach the date of the first change in refund percentages (7/5), I thought it would be good to share a link to the refund policy here, just as a reminder. https://www.pdga.com/2024amworlds/refund


Patrick Graziani    Sticky April 2 at 8:25pm

Host Hotel Link has been fixed.
Follow the link below to book:


Ken Rousseau    3 days ago

Woo! off the wait list! Casey Freidig, Eric Thwaites, keep the faith!

Casey Freidig   2 days ago

I know I’m checking every couple hours lol

Jonathan Price   2 days ago

Yeah boiiiii!

Steven Norstrom    3 days ago

Where/how can we check if the doubles registration went through?
I edited my registration to add it and just want to make sure everything is good.

Andrew Sweeton   3 days ago

It is here: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/81552 but note it is updated by hand and may be a while before updated as the staff is consumed by Junior Worlds and the European Open at the moment.

Steven Norstrom   3 days ago


Sonny Chattle    4 days ago

If FA1 spots don’t fill up, will those spots go to the MA1 waiting list?

Kevin Gort   4 days ago

As #19 on the waitlist, I wish. But that wouldn’t work. FA1 is a separate pool, playing different courses on different days. Logistically, it wouldn’t work to give those empty spots to MA1 players.

Patrick Graziani   4 days ago

They will not. FA1 is a separate pool with an entirely separate course schedule from MA1.

Sonny Chattle    4 days ago

If FA1 spots don’t fill up, will those spots go to the MA1 waiting list?

Andrew Sweeton   4 days ago

No, MA1 is already full pools.

Colt Wiebold    6 days ago

Brewer Park is closed down from July 1st until July 31st. Huge bummer when traveling up here or get some practice.

Colt Wiebold   6 days ago

Someone already commented on the 4th about the closure of Brewer Park. They seem to be working with the city so hopefully it gets opened soon. I'm here on the 11th and it is still closed

Thomas Hapka    7 days ago

Howdy! Is anyone in fa1 considering signing up for doubles soon? :)


Andrew Coxe    7 days ago

With it being less than a month away from the tournament, for those still on the waitlist but know they are not going to be going to to the tournament, can yall please help some of us out and drop from the waitlist! In my case I know I'm going either way whether to play or caddy but it would be greatly appreciated for those to drop and still give some of us a chance to make it into the tournament!


Victor Contreras    July 8 at 4:40pm

Any idea what time the final card will be done on Saturday I’m trying to book a flight and the one coming back Saturday saves me 200 bucks but departs from Grand Rapids airport at 615 pm

Patrick Graziani   July 9 at 1:29pm

There is no way to accurately predict this due to the weather variable and possibility of play being suspended. In a perfect world the final round for MA1 will conclude around 4pm.

Ezra Laemmle    July 8 at 1:12am

Anyone driving up from (or through) Chicago and want to split a hotel room?

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John Geiger   July 8 at 7:15pm

Just to clarify are you looking for a hotel room for Grand Rapids or just on your way through Chicago?

Ezra Laemmle   July 9 at 10:45pm

@john Geiger — I live in Chicago, looking for transport to and rooming in Grand Rapids! Text me at 310-633-1996 if you have room in the AirBNB. Worst case, there’s an AmTrak from Chicago to Grand Rapids.

John Geiger   7 days ago

just texted you

Casey Freidig    July 7 at 2:57am

For me it will take two days to drive to the tournament. What is the last day you can move off of the waitlist?

Andrew Sweeton   July 7 at 3:23am

Friday August 2nd. Anyone still on the waitlist at that time will be refunded.

Casey Freidig   July 7 at 4:11pm

Ok thanks hopefully, I make it off the waitlist number 15

Andy Noel    July 5 at 10:38pm

Was wondering if there was any update on the layouts or when we will be getting an email giving us more information on the event ?


Trevor Potter    July 5 at 8:08pm

For everyone asking about course layouts, I’m not a part of the tournament staff, but as a local player who is on the waitlist, I would assume the layouts are going to Fallasburg Long 18, Brewer Gold Tees, and then Rotary and Johnson should be the main layout. Anything other than these layouts would surprise me.

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Trevor Potter   July 6 at 1:59am

I haven’t played it, but I believe 3 Acres is like playing mini golf. It’s a fun, short course with obstacles on somebody’s property.

Madison Borzick   July 6 at 2:29am

Even for the women? Coming from out of town and I have no idea what to expect

Trevor Potter   July 6 at 12:11pm

Layouts are posted in the about section, not sure if they were there when I made my original comment or if it was just recently added

Ethan Owens    July 5 at 7:13pm

This weekend is the only weekend before the tournament that I can practice the courses as I'm not local to Michigan. I think it's pretty important to be able to practice the correct layout at the courses and as we are now a month out it seems reasonable to have the layouts finalized. Pretty frustrating no TD or event staff will respond to multiple comments asking about layouts. Especially because this is the biggest tournament an MA1 player can compete in.

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John Ryan   July 5 at 7:23pm

I don't know if there is a standard timeline to release course layouts for majors, but I do know that for Junior Worlds that starts in 11 days, the course layouts were released 2 weeks to the day before the start. So yes 3 days ago. So it could be possible not to see the finalized layouts for t ... more

Trevor Potter   July 5 at 7:58pm

I’m not part of the tournament staff, but as a local player who is on the waitlist, the layout should be Fallasburg Long 18, Brewer Gold Tees, and then Rotary and Johnson should be the main layout. Anything other than these layouts would surprise me.

Matt Curtis   July 5 at 8:29pm

What Trevor said

Chaise Schriber    July 4 at 1:03am

Any updates on the layouts yet? Hoping to get out there in the next couple weeks and want to know what to practice :)


Daniel Miley    July 3 at 11:59am

Do we think we'll see a fair number of withdrawals soon? Trying to plan accordingly. I feel like there is less withdrawals than last year's championships at this point. But kind of hard to remember that far back. haha.

Thomas Hapka   July 6 at 1:03am

This year i started at 34th and am now at 7th. Last year i started at 64th and got to 11th. I heard in 2022 the 93rd player made it in… . But the whole thing is pretty unpredictable. It’s hard to know whether registered players or waitlisters are dropping off unless you have a computer program keeping track of it. Good luck!! :)

Thomas Hapka    July 3 at 11:35am

Tomorrow july 4th is the last day to withdraw and be guaranteed a full refund, ladies. After that, it goes down to 75, 50, 25, 0% each week, unless your spot is filled in which case you could still get a full refund (but currently no waitlist)

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Gabe LaBounty   July 6 at 1:32am

That does make sense. Especially when I don't read it with sleepy brain.

Thomas Hapka   July 6 at 5:49pm

Ya, dustin is correct. Sorry it was unclear. The deadlines dont matter for ma1 because there is a massive waitlist. Ladies withdrawing will lose money when withdrawing because there is no waitlist to fill their spot. and what day they withdraw will determine how much they lose.

Thomas Hapka   July 6 at 5:52pm

As long as ma1 withdraw by the 31st (or 1st?), they should get a full refund

Jacob Stahl    July 2 at 4:46pm

The Earl Brewer Park is currently closed for parking lot construction. I have worked with the Kent County Parks to coordinate that the construction team prioritize the back parking lot renovations in order to open access to the disc golf course first.

I have communication out to the Kent County Parks Director to confirm the schedule and when to expect access. I expect to have further details after the 4th of July Holiday that I will post ASAP.


Ethan Owens    June 30 at 12:52pm

Any updates on MA1 layouts? Looks like Johnson just has one layout but Earl W Brewer and Fallasburg have different sets of tees. I assume we're playing longs but would just like to clarify. Thanks!

Jaden Phillips   July 1 at 3:16am

All shorts at Johnson lol