2023 Lime Bluff USDGC Doubles Qualifier

Saturday, May 20, 2023 at Lime Bluff Recreation Area in Hughesville, Pennsylvania
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

The USDGC Doubles Main Event is an amateur disc golfer's only opportunity to play the famed Winthrop Arena Cou ... more
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Erik Springer    Sticky May 19 at 4:09am

2023 Lime Bluff USDGC Qualifier OB Notes
ALL TALL GRASS OB. On or across paths are OB, except when noted.
Hole 1 - B position. Painted line and beyond right is OB, Tall grass and beyond is OB.
Hole 2 - A position. There will be an island around the mound, all shots outside of the island play as HAZARD.
Hole 3 - temporary tee behind the normal tee, playing to the B position. Farm field left is OB, Path and across right is OB.
Hole 4 - A position. There will be an OB line behind the pin sepa ... more

Erik Springer   May 19 at 4:10am

hole 1 is the main tee, the pavilion is rented out and i dont want any conflicts.

Marcus Rickard    May 15 at 1:28am

Hey Erik, do you estimate that the finalized layout will be posted before thursday/friday?

Erik Springer   May 15 at 3:01am

I do have a layout on UDisc. I just need to do a write up of the added OB

Andy Hansen   May 18 at 1:14pm

The layout doesn’t seem to be active on udisc. I can’t see anything besides “monthly singles” layout

Erik Springer   May 19 at 3:35am

it should have been the only layout active.

Erik Springer    May 10 at 2:48pm

As of right now we will have 2 teams qualify for the Main Event.

Layout is being finalized and will be posted soon. There will be added OB/Hazard on quite a few of the holes compared to normal.