2023 Lime Bluff USDGC Doubles Qualifier

Saturday, May 20, 2023 at Lime Bluff Recreation Area in Hughesville, Pennsylvania
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

The USDGC Doubles Main Event is an amateur disc golfer's only opportunity to play the famed Winthrop Arena Course decked out in all its USDGC Pageantry. If you want to test your mettle on one of the most challenging courses in the world this is your chance. So get qualified and let's see how you and your partner fair in the arena.

The format must be BYOP (bring your own partner). Captain's choice (best shot) doubles.

Two rounds of 18 holes with some different tee locations and added ropes like the arena course.

You will receive a premium custom stamped Innova disc in your players pack.

For those who qualify for the main event you will receive medals for qualifying.

The number of teams that can qualify for the USDGC Doubles Main Event is based on the number of teams that participate in your qualifier. The thresholds are as follows.
1-14 Teams = 1 Team qualifies
15-24 Teams = 2 Teams qualify
25+ Teams = 3 Teams qualify
1-4 Teams = 1 Team qualifies
5-9 Teams = 2 Teams qualify
10+ Teams – 3 Teams qualify

Refund policy

Lycoming County Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.

Using PDGA refund guidelines there will be a $5 Handling fee for all refunds.


Final Results

Mixed Amateur 1
Round 1: Lime Bluff Recreation Area - Main course 2023 USDGC Doubles Qualifier layout, 1 holes, par 59
Round 2: Lime Bluff Recreation Area - Main course 2023 USDGC Doubles Qualifier layout, 1 holes, par 59
1Adam Schneck
Zachary Stanley
464793 (-25)
2Hans Weaver
Logan Weaver
464894 (-24)
3Erik Springer
Thomas Smith
504595 (-23)
4John Butler
Ryder Milia
5050100 (-18)
4Phil Goska
Trey Beckwith
5050100 (-18)
6Adam Temple
Seth Temple
5349102 (-16)
6Duke Cushwa
Matthew Breneman
5349102 (-16)
8Alec Eggerton
Kyle Winton
5152103 (-15)
9Bryan Spang
Zack Spang
5549104 (-14)
9Dylan Kaut
Marcus Rickard
5054104 (-14)
9Hunter Miller
Trevor Hoffman
5450104 (-14)
12Caleb Black
Nathaniel Black
5451105 (-13)
13Bradley Cohick
Bradley Rinker
5453107 (-11)
14Andy Hansen
Josiah Hansen
5256108 (-10)
15Jonathan Wright
Sam Way
5752109 (-9)
15Tre Ramos
Tyler Bittenbender
5158109 (-9)
17Evan Baxter
Zack Aneckstein
5753110 (-8)
17Peter Lantz
Ronald Moyer
5456110 (-8)
19Emily Dale
Zach Dale
5558113 (-5)
20Kailey Betz
Parker Derr
5658114 (-4)
20Matt Shurer
Michael Shurer
5658114 (-4)
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