2023 Discraft Ledgestone Admission Pass

Thu-Sun, August 3-6, 2023 at Lake Eureka Park in Eureka, Illinois
Disc golf event

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About this tournament

This year's Discraft Ledgestone Open is offering the following admission options to the event: Meet n Greet ... more
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Paul C    August 3 at 3:19am

Are you able to purchase admission pass on-site?

Nate Heinold   August 3 at 4:18am


Sean Hall    August 2 at 8:49pm

Parking is confusing. Does it come included with a one day spectating pass?

Nate Heinold   August 2 at 8:57pm


Sean Hall   August 3 at 1:40am

Thank you!

Trey Brazell    August 1 at 11:00pm

Am I able to lower my registration from VIP meet to regular VIP and be refunded the difference? The skins match appears to over lap with the meet and greet.


Tim secoy    August 1 at 8:03pm

Are all events central time?

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 8:52pm


Gary McRann    August 1 at 4:27pm

Can I pick up my (regular) VIP pass and pack at Northwood or Eureka on Thursday, or do I need to stop at 5 points first?

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 6:53pm


Stephen Arthur    August 1 at 12:58pm

I added a disc onto my registration which I haven’t done before, will this disc be shipped to me? Do I pick it up at the event? If so, where? I won’t be arriving until Saturday morning FYI. Thanks!

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 1:30pm

You will pick it up at the course when you arrive. Northwood Park.

Brandon solosky    August 1 at 4:28am

Will we get the vip pass on Wednesday when we go to the meet and greet?

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 11:44am


Nate Heinold   August 1 at 11:44am

Only if you purchased the Elite VIP pass

Brandon solosky   August 1 at 1:38pm

Ok thanks

Alex Monroy    August 1 at 12:35am

I accidentally used the wrong email for when i was signing up my girlfriend for the spectator pass is it possible to change it so she can receive her confirmation email?

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 2:41am

You can login to your DGS account and edit your registration.

Andy Brabant    July 31 at 11:00pm

I purchased a VIP pass along with my MA3 registration, but my name is not on the VIP list.

Nate Heinold   July 31 at 11:14pm

It won't show up on the VIP list if you purchased it through registration.

Andy Brabant   July 31 at 11:30pm

Great, thank you!

Alec R Bollman    July 31 at 1:19am

Are there Sunday GA tickets still available for MPO at Lake Eureka? I cant find anything

Nate Heinold   July 31 at 2:23am

Yes, click this link and select Sunday Admission: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2023_Discraft_Ledgestone_Admission_Pass/register

Sean Hall    July 29 at 2:32am

Will you be emailing out specific card times for MPO on Thursday? Wondering where and when to arrive.

Nate Heinold   July 29 at 3:19am

They will be available on UDisc and the PDGA Results page for the event.

Casey Freidig    July 28 at 10:11pm

If I’m buying spectator passes for the entire week for my parents, do I put my name down so I can pick them up or do I put their name down and they would have to pick them up?

Nate Heinold   July 28 at 10:16pm

Put their names down.

Casey Freidig   July 28 at 10:43pm

OK Nate, I put down my parents names. My dad has standing/walking limitation’s. So I put in the notes that I would pick his up or my mother.

Jacob Lea    July 27 at 8:13pm

Are these tickets needed for the event prior to Aug 3rd? Like the Paul Ulibarri signing on Aug 1st?

Nate Heinold   July 27 at 8:40pm

No, those events are free of charge.

Jason Newman    July 26 at 3:16pm

Question concerning the purchase of VIP tickets. Do they get you in to the skins match on Wednesday?? Thanks in advance.

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Jason Newman   July 26 at 3:50pm

Thank you for the information.

Garrett James Dean Allison-Glaser   July 27 at 12:08am

Do you offer full refunds for people that won’t be able to make it for the weekend anymore?

Nate Heinold   July 27 at 3:22am

The refund policy is posted right on DGS in the About This Tournament section.

Jarred Fair    July 21 at 2:49pm

With the FPO players not being at this event, are you allowing refunds for tickets?

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Jarred Fair   July 21 at 3:17pm

Ok, thank you

Jarred Fair   July 25 at 5:06pm

Great news! We look forward to attending the event.

Will Gilmore    July 18 at 4:54pm

Can you pay at the gate the day of the event?

Nate Heinold   July 18 at 5:08pm

If tickets are not sold out, yes. Recommend buying online.

Will Gilmore   July 18 at 5:10pm

ok thanks.

Melanie Hale    July 17 at 10:43am

If a partial refund becomes the decision, is there a way to create an option to divert that portion to a fund for FPOs and their significant others to recoup financial losses? I would happily chose that option. Perhaps something you can work with DGPT to achieve?

This could help for instances where FPOs only receive partial refunds, as well as the fact they may not have the “early bird” discounts that were available when planning the season months ago.


Tim secoy    July 15 at 5:54pm

I noticed on the event schedule it had vip check in if we purchased a vip admissions pass is that where we would pick it up at?

Nate Heinold   July 15 at 9:06pm

We will email VIP's before the event.

Tim secoy   July 16 at 6:26pm

Thank you

Jack G    July 14 at 11:16pm

Next week is almost halfway to the event? Some places don’t offer full refunds with cancellations so close to your date.


Jack G    July 14 at 5:54pm

With FPO being canceled, will tickets be half price because there will be half the golf?

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Trey Brazell   July 20 at 1:26pm

Have we heard anything yet, the week is almost over and I'd like to plan accordingly, thanks.

Nate Heinold   July 20 at 2:00pm

There is nothing additional to announce, we expect an announcement soon from DGPT.

Nick Mitchell   July 25 at 6:32pm

If you look at the top comment on this thread an update was posted by Nate, the FPO will be playing at ledgestone.