2022 PFD Bag Tags

Saturday, October 22, 2022 at Deer Lakes Park in Tarentum, Pennsylvania
Disc golf singles tournament

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2022 Bag tags Tag cost is $30, but what does that get me? You will receive a custom PFD logoed disc stor ... more
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Scott Mulvihill    6 days ago

Is our early registration use not valid for Hunt or Knobulus Maximus? I was specifically saving it for one of those two tournaments and it doesn't seem like that opportunity was provided.

Matt Rosier   6 days ago

It should have been. I'll talk to Eric and see what we can do.

Greg Hamilton    April 15 at 2:10am

I just realized I'm not on the registration list here. I got my tag during the Devo final and I have tag #75. Let me know if I have to do anything to register here. Thanks!

Matt Rosier   April 15 at 2:24am

The yellow tag? Did you get a player pack (box) also or just the tag?

Matt Rosier    February 7 at 5:33pm

Registration opens up for Shamrock Showdown this evening at 8pm for PFD supporters. As part of the benefits of being a supporter, you are allowed early registration to one (1) PFD tournament this year. We have it set up that all supporters should be invited to the event, so once registration opens, you should be able to just sign up.

Also a reminder that you should have received a discount code when you signed up. Enter that code when signing up for $3 off of the event.

Please let me kn ... more

Matt Rosier   February 8 at 3:30pm

Just updated the invite list for Shamrock for the people who signed up today.

Clayton Homa    February 7 at 2:20am

With registration for the Shamrock Showdown open tomorrow, how do we use our tag to register early? Is it a code?

Matt Rosier   February 7 at 5:26pm

It will open to "Invites only" which should be all of the the PFD supporters. If your email is linked here, then I copied it over and you should be able to register as normal. Hopefully.