2021 Santa Cruz Masters Cup - (Am) - Presented by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, April 23-25, 2021 at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, California
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Josh Warner    13 hours ago

When did registration open so i can mark it on the calendar next year


Mike M    February 24 at 3:20am

Once the final field of players is set do they ever shuffle around the division players are going to play according to their actual rating?

Matt Beatty   February 24 at 3:22am

The first round is random, and then the second and third rounds are based off score.

Mike M   February 24 at 3:36am

Oh so they will actually switch your division based on score? (Not just positioning/card within the same division)

Matt Beatty   February 24 at 3:52am

Whoops, my bad. I should have been more specific. You will always play with others in your division. The first round will be a random shuffle for your division, and then rounds 2 and 3 will be based on score

Samuel Johnson    February 18 at 4:30pm

Soooo....are there ONLY 8 spots total left?

Roger Vartabedian   February 18 at 4:41pm

Looking that way from what it shows on the registered player page.

Todd Williams    February 17 at 5:20pm

I was wondering why there’s not 55 to 60 division?


Todd Williams    February 17 at 5:16pm

What does sponsoring cost?


Daniel Casillan    February 17 at 7:50am

I got into MA2 because of my rating. I was in a bad accident last year causing me to go down from 940 to 922 . Pretty much recovered, winning MA1 events and I can throw 450+. I've been MA1 for a few years. Wondering if possible I can move to MA1 if a spot opens up.

Robert Diamond   February 17 at 2:56pm

That question has been addressed in previous comments.. basically you'll be playing am2 unless you want to get on the waiting list for am1

Daniel Casillan   February 17 at 6:06pm

I cannot get on the waitlist because there still is a rating limit.

Ezra Hapner   February 17 at 6:44pm

You'll be able to on the 23rd

Johnny Eastaugh    February 17 at 5:34am

If anybody has questions regarding their stay, places to eat, camping, or housing. Join the Masters Cup Community page on Face .Copy link below .



Shawn owen    February 17 at 4:48am

So players that were not 900 rated are just screwed and going to be on the waitlist?

Andrew Sitzmann   February 17 at 5:09am


Shawn owen   February 17 at 7:03pm

Sucks but I understand why they do this.

Sean Noble    February 17 at 3:26am

I signed up for MA2 because I don't have the rating to sign up for MA1 (932), is there a way to switch if the is an opening?

Ian Sun   February 17 at 3:55am

When you are eligible to sign up for ma1 you can sign up for the waitlist, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of a rating restriction.

Casey Jensen   February 17 at 4:23am

Your on point Ian!

Nick Bradley    February 17 at 3:10am

Can I get on the MA1 list? I just won a MA1 tourney and wouldn’t fee right playing MA2 but if that’s the only way I can play that’s better then nothing. Ended last year while butchering my rating. Also played MA1 in this one last year. Thanks and sorry for inconvenience in advance.

Ian Sun   February 17 at 3:56am

When you are eligible to sign up for ma1 you can sign up for the waitlist, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of a rating restriction.

Birk Ellis    February 16 at 9:05pm

Are there still Sponser packs for the Am event?


Alex Carrell    February 13 at 1:33am

Hello, I was wondering if caddies are allowed? They could wear a mask the whole time if needed.

Matt Beatty   February 14 at 2:09am

Hey Alex, that remains to be an unknown still since this event is still a few months away. At this time, Ive been telling everyone to stay tuned for further information. That decision will be made as the event draws closer by the PDGA and DGPT Covid committee. The City of Santa Cruz also has to sign ... more

Jeffrey McCormick   February 17 at 2:58am

They can be a "support staff" for vegas. Try that?

Donovan Smith   February 17 at 3:07am

Jeff it all depends on the county restrictions. Santa Cruz is a lot more strict as opposed to Vegas

Paul Bigelow    February 10 at 7:57pm

Hello Matt, when is the earliest the baskets will be in the exact tournament layout?

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Brad Moulton   February 17 at 2:20am

same layout all 3 days too?

Matt Beatty   February 17 at 2:25am

Hey Brad, several targets will move for Sunday's round as we have traditionally done in years past.

Brad Moulton   February 17 at 3:18am

thank you:)

Christopher Manning    February 8 at 11:24pm

Do we need to stay around after our rounds for awards due to me flying out on Sunday, I wanted to make sure if I needed to stay or not. Also if I am playing MA2 are we starting I. One of the early groups? Just trying to get travel plans locked in now in case I am able to get into the tournament. Thank you.

Matt Beatty   February 8 at 11:28pm

You do not need to stay after your round on Sunday. Once you are done, you can split. Still working on trophies right now, and we will likely be mailing them to whoever places because we cannot host an awards ceremony, or at least we are thinking thats going to be the case. MA2 does have an earlier ... more

Christopher Manning   February 8 at 11:53pm

Awesome thank you very much.

Steve Hitchcock    February 8 at 9:49pm

Hole 25-27 won’t be played? So no top of the world in tournament?

Matt Beatty   February 8 at 10:08pm

Holes 25-27 are closed currently for our course erosion control, but they will reopen by April 1st.

chris isom    February 4 at 5:36pm

Just to be sure, Im rated 917 and playing am40. Whats the registration date?

Matt Beatty   February 4 at 7:28pm

Registration will open for your rating on February 23rd, at 7pm.

chris isom   February 5 at 3:22pm

Perfect. Thank you!

Shawn owen    January 30 at 7:20pm

so if im not a 900 rated player i have to wait to sign up till the 23rd of Feb? is that right?

Matt Beatty   January 31 at 12:09am

Yes, thats correct.

Bailey Brown    January 13 at 7:19pm

Hey Matt, do you know how like likely it usually is to get into MA1 on the second week when registration opens for everyone? I'm currently rated 915 so I won't be able to register on the 16th for MA1, however I definitely don't think I belong in MA2. The main problem is that there's no PDGA sanctioning happen right now whatsoever in California so I have no opportunity to improve to 935 by Feb 16th, and I'm certain by April, my rating will be well above 935. But I want to ... more

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Bailey Brown   January 13 at 7:57pm

Sounds good, thanks Matt! And yeah Jon, I don't exactly consider myself an MA2 player but with the higher skill level that Masters Cup will likely bring, maybe it's the play to sign up for MA2 just so secure a spot and hopefully there's some good competition within the division.

Andrew Rothschild   January 13 at 8:33pm

I'm in this same boat. I have no interest in playing MA2, but do want to get in, and am 930 rated. However, I'd rather play MA2 than not play at all. Will there be an avenue for switching divisions for those of us in this position?

Matt Beatty   January 14 at 3:01pm

All, in the past, we have had some players register for a division that they dont really want to play in so they have a guaranteed spot and then Ive worked with those players to move them from one division to another in order to accommodate their requests. Sometimes its not possible if there aren� ... more

Danny T    January 7 at 11:49pm

Just to be sure, minimum 900 rating required to enter MA2?

Matt Beatty   January 8 at 12:01am

First the first week of registration being open, yes. February 23rd at 7pm is when all the divisions open to everyone.

Danny T   January 15 at 2:10am

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.