2021 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships

Sun-Sat, July 4-10, 2021 at Emporia Country Club in Emporia, Kansas
Disc golf singles tournament

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Asher Cook    July 15 at 4:06pm

Thx once again to all of the TD’s and people who ran this event. It was a blast!

Dynamic Discs   July 15 at 8:00pm

Thanks for being here! We are glad you had a great time.

Gabriel Teubner    July 13 at 4:09pm

Do we know What courses will be played for next year?

Nic Goodman   July 13 at 4:33pm

Will have to ask the Ledgestone TD, we going to Peoria next year

Erich Partee   July 13 at 5:14pm

I wouldn't expect anything or news till at least February

Gabriel Teubner   July 13 at 7:38pm


Gabriel Teubner    July 7 at 1:45pm

How can we watch live scores?


Jr Guerrero    July 6 at 2:56pm

For all the parents looking for a quick 1 rnd tournament here in emporia plz sign up


Ben Green    July 6 at 12:28pm

Gotcha..thank you


Ben Green    July 6 at 11:32am

Is the players meeting tonight optional?

Andrew Sweeton   July 6 at 12:18pm

Oh no, you definitely want to be there to hear any last minute rules changes.

Asher Cook    July 6 at 12:42am

For MJ 15 are we playing 1 or 2 rounds at the country club on Thursday?

Nic Goodman   July 6 at 12:50am

One from shorts

Andrew Sweeton   July 6 at 12:15pm

Right, that single block on Thursday means 1 round for ML15 on the shorts as opposed to the MJ18 division that plays a single round on the Longs. Your Tee Time will be posted on Wednesday evening on the PDGA event page here: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/47515

JJ Arness    July 5 at 2:03pm

Why are there no late signups for the extra competitions? Seems a little absurd to only have online registration for these mini competitions

Andrew Sweeton   July 5 at 3:32pm

Because we need to create the check-in sheets to ensure only those who are Worlds players and paid for a field event can participate. It is not fair to the staff on the ground to expect them to a) collect and track money, and b) verify that the player is a Worlds competitor. The players had plenty of time to register for a Field Event if they so desired.

Jayme Padilla    July 4 at 11:11pm

Sucks that some kids got screwed out of playing this year but good luck to all the competitors. I hope to see some great scores on social media and most importantly have fun


Jacob Liss    July 4 at 7:01pm

I can only find the “draft” of the course schedule. Has that been made the official schedule?

Todd Lion   July 5 at 11:32am

The word "draft" will remain on the schedule even after the even starts. The most recent version is v1.6 (upper right corner).

Gabriel Teubner    July 4 at 2:34am

@Andrew sweeton, will next year's worlds be in Emporia

Mason McLean   July 4 at 2:40am

Peoria Illinois I believe

Mike "Sully" Sullivan   July 4 at 3:30am

Next year's Junior Worlds will be in Peoria, Illinois, alongside the new combined Pro/Am Masters Worlds.

Gabriel Teubner    July 4 at 12:09am

Congratulations to everyone who is playing worlds.


Gabriel Teubner    July 2 at 3:16pm

Anyone unsure about playing mj18 pls make a decision soon.

Gabriel Teubner   July 2 at 3:22pm

Because if you don't make a decision, people on the waitlist don't have another chance to get in to their division

Tim kerns    July 2 at 3:17am

where do we go for the players meeting?


Kenneth Gordon Taylor    July 1 at 9:48pm

If we are on the waitlist but don't get admitted by June 2nd, would we still be able to come and play the course during the practice rounds? Ie. are the courses reserved for the dates leading up to the tournament or is it play as you show up?

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Kenneth Gordon Taylor   July 3 at 4:03am

Ok, just to be clear, my son is waitlisted and unlikely to get in and has a flight in the morning. If he comes he will be able to play the courses before the tounament begins and after the tournament has begun he can play the courses when the rounds are completed OR are you saying the courses are booked on the practice days and he will have to wait around until practice rounds are played.

Kenneth Gordon Taylor   July 3 at 4:04am

We need to make a flight decision before the decision is posted in the morning due to the weird policy of not allowing juniors high on a waitlist to walk up if someone doesn't show.

Dynamic Discs   July 3 at 5:17pm

Please contact the PDGA tour manager [email redacted].

Erich Partee    July 1 at 4:42am

Ok I sent an email and was forwarded to dd for the fj18 and fj15 pool. They are to play Hammond Park and discussion has happened a mo th or so ago how we as parents and a few players are not happy about playing it. So I think I have figured out a solution to this.

On Thursday the fj18, and fj15 are to play Peter pan at 2pm and the mj18 and mj15 are at the country club. Instead of the fj18 and fj15 playing Peter pan let them play Jones east shorts no one is aging that course at 2pm. Then on F ... more


Steven Zylstra    July 1 at 2:08am

How do I get my kids to play practice rounds as they are showing up early?


Jayme Padilla    June 30 at 9:43pm

Mr. Sweeton if I was to show up on check in day, and a player did not show up for check in. If I am signed up for the tournament and am on the waitlist. Would I be able to take that persons spot?

Andrew Sweeton   July 1 at 12:37pm

No, sorry, we don't do walkups. If still on the waitlist Saturday morning you will be refunded.

Christopher bigbear-bigheart    June 30 at 3:34pm

I never got a caddy book

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Caleb Crim   June 30 at 11:41pm

That link should have all the info.

Dynamic Discs   July 1 at 3:13pm

https://pdgajuniorworlds.com/# It will be under the Players tab labeled "Caddy Book"

Kenneth Gordon Taylor    June 30 at 1:25pm

A final plea, if a player is having doubts about playing but is still holding a spot, my son is U15 and high on the waitlist and would be the 15th highest rated player in his group. He would LOVE to play. If you are having logistical or other problems with playing and are likely to withdraw please do so before the cutoff date so others can make it in, but obviously ignore this if all is good.

Jayme Padilla   June 30 at 6:54pm

I hate to make that plea also. But if you are uncertain about being able to make it to the tournament. Please withdraw, before July 2nd. I am asking for the MJ-18 group.