2021 New York State Disc Golf Championships Driven by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 18-19, 2021 at Panther Highlands in Dryden, New York
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Becky Harris    September 17 at 11:12pm

On UDisc for TC3 there is a red and blue layout for states but not a white layout. Would we use the Spring 2021 white layout on UDisc for the white tees?

Pat Govang   September 18 at 12:32am

Thanks for letting me know Becky - the white tee layout should be there, I'll look into it.

Pat Govang   September 18 at 12:50am

It was updated by the staff today and will be published by tomorrow.

Nicholas Opels    September 17 at 7:26pm

Are we checking in at the course our Pool is playing in the morning?

Pat Govang   September 17 at 8:10pm

Yes, checkin at the course you are playing. All am packages will be available at Tucker Hill, for ams playing TC3 in the am, the player package will be available in the afternoon.

Edward Bishop    September 17 at 1:01pm

Just wanted to confirm if it's okay to head over to Tucker Hill today or if we need to contact someone first for permission. I know it says private and I've never played a private course before.

Bryan Elsworth   September 17 at 1:08pm

One of the previous emails from Pat said it was open from 9am until dusk today so probably don't have to contact anyone before heading over.

Bryan Elsworth    September 17 at 11:21am

Sorry if I missed it with all the posts - check in Saturday morning at TC3 - will it be at or near hole 1?

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Pat Govang   September 17 at 11:46am

just kidding, it will be near hole 1 at TC3

Bryan Elsworth   September 17 at 12:40pm

Good one, thanks!

Craig Gelder   September 18 at 3:05am

Can anyone help me? I've been in aisle 11 for hours now and I can't find any woman wearing anything but pajamas. Please help, only a few hours til tee off......

Adrian VanHall    September 16 at 2:11pm

Hi Pat, question on the red tees and white tees at TC3. Are they going to be in the same position that they were in two weeks ago? Asking because the red and white UDisc layouts seem to be a little different than the course signs from 2 weeks ago.

Pat Govang   September 16 at 2:45pm

UDisc is the layouts we are playing. There was 1 red tee that did not get constructed - hole 15, you will play the white tee on that hole. For the whites, white tee not constructed on hole 4, you'll play the blue tee

Ryan Travis    September 16 at 9:55am

Just thought I would check with the course change announcement what's the thought on Tucker Hill being cart friendly?

Pat Govang   September 16 at 1:15pm

About Tucker Hill – Address: 169 Tucker Hill Road, Locke, 13092; 5,010’ (est) Par 54; Single set of tees, all natural surfaces. 18 Innova Discatcher Pro baskets; Straightforward, comparably dry, cart-friendly course with slight elevation, ponds, open and wooded holes. The course layout w ... more

Marcia Focht    September 16 at 12:14am

Hi Pat, I'd also like to move to FA1. Many Thanks!


Bryan Boe    September 15 at 1:22pm

Just wondering what the tick situation is like there?

Pat Govang   September 15 at 2:29pm

They are around. I

Pat Govang   September 15 at 2:30pm

oops.... I've been crawling around in the thick thick all year and haven't gotten one yet. I usually pick up 1-2 per year....

Pat Govang    September 15 at 11:22am

Good Morning Everyone,

Writing to share a venue change for this weekend’s tournament. We will not be using the Danby course due to swampy conditions there. We are moving play to Tucker Hill, a course 22 minutes away from TC3 (Danby is 30 minutes from TC3). Compared to Danby, Tucker Hill is bone dry and drains very well.

First, a little background behind the change. After 20 years in Ithaca, this is the wettest Summer I personally have ever seen. Our Danby course never dried out ... more

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Pat Govang   September 15 at 12:16pm

We'll give you another chance to play Danby, but not this weekend.:)

Pat Govang   September 15 at 12:17pm

It was a tough decision b/c we've put so much into the course getting it ready and we really wanted to show it off, but we had to go with better judgement

Daniel Ragland   September 15 at 12:56pm

I appreciate all the effort you have put into running a good event. As a TD myself, I realize all the hard work and hard decisions it takes to run a quality event. Thanks for all your efforts.Hopefully I can get in a practice round at the new course on Friday. Thanks to you and the DiscIthaca crew for hosting states.

Ece Gundogan    September 15 at 1:29am

Hello Pat, would you be able to move me from FA3 to FA1? Thank you.

Pat Govang   September 15 at 10:13am


bobby jones   September 15 at 6:30pm

Way to step up Ece

Sherry Herzog    September 12 at 10:12pm

Are both courses cart friendly?

Pat Govang   September 12 at 10:43pm

Yes. There is a short narrow bridge at tc3 that isn’t friendly to all carts, otherwise fine;

Craig Gelder   September 14 at 1:03am

TC3 is definitely cart friendly. Dotson is a coin toss. Played there yesterday and wished I just brought my bag, but with tournaments it's nice to sit on your cart. Whichever you decide you'll wish you did the opposite Lol. Fun course though, love playing there.

Marcia Focht    September 9 at 6:10pm

I want to buy one more ticket to the dinner for a guest. Editing my registration isn’t allowing me to do this. How can I do this?

Pat Govang   September 9 at 6:43pm

Sorry. I will hold a ticket for you and we can square up when you check in.

Tim Bower    September 7 at 2:02pm

Hey pat, I have tried to withdraw from the tournament due to injury on August 19th and September 2nd using both the email confirming my registration as well as the withdrawal length on the disc golf scene site. I do need to withdraw so please refund my entry. I wish I could play and wish luck to everyone and hope they enjoy this tournament. Thanks

Pat Govang   September 7 at 2:24pm

don't know how I missed it Tim. You're all set.

Devin Miller    August 31 at 11:09pm

Do we have to check in on Friday? Or can we check in Saturday morning?

Pat Govang   September 1 at 3:51pm

Checkin is available Friday and Saturday morning

Matthew Hess    August 31 at 1:39am

My name is Matthew Hess, PDGA number 140362. I am requesting a refund. I have initiated the refund process and un-registered from the tournament.

Pat Govang   August 31 at 11:26am

Hi Matthew, there is a refund request option in your registration confirmation email for the tournament. I’m not sure what you mean by initiating the refund process, I have no request from you. I’ve gone ahead and refunded you, however, for future reference, the refund request option makes it very easy for TD’s to manage.

Allison Coulombe    August 28 at 3:26am

Where is the arch and Esther course? Playing practice round there tomorrow and can't find it on udisc or Google maps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Govang   August 28 at 5:30am

Dotson Community Park

Allison Coulombe   August 28 at 11:11am

Thank you! I wonder why it comes up now but wouldn't when I typed name in ????

Will Trithart    August 25 at 1:06am

Will caddies be allowed?

Pat Govang   August 25 at 1:25am

Yes should that change it will be posted

Daniel Ragland    August 16 at 1:57pm

Rules question for you Pat. In my most recent practice round at TC3, I clearly threw a disc into the left-side OB marsh on hole 6. Everyone on my card agreed it was OB and I threw from the spot it was last IB. We looked, but only got soaked feet for our efforts. In the tournament, what is the rule we should apply? Do we need to use the 3-minute lost disc timer and everyone must help search? Or does play continue on without requiring all players to contribute to the 3-minutes of searching? If ... more

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bobby jones   August 16 at 2:51pm

not going to ask the card to get shoes full of muck for a disc.

Pat Govang   August 16 at 3:10pm

Thanks Daniel, two quick reactions. In terms of the tournament and play, we plan to have a spotter on that hole to help with flow of play. The marshy pond is difficult to navigate for disc retrieval. Moving the target from its original location was meant, in part, to help minimize discs from ent ... more

Daniel Ragland   August 16 at 3:42pm

thanks Pat!

Dylan Rees    August 12 at 8:20pm

Submitted withdraw request

Pat Govang   August 12 at 9:04pm

internet was out. restarted today. you're refunded

Sherry Herzog    August 10 at 5:59pm

Hey Pat, I do have a dietary restriction, I do not eat gluten.

Pat Govang   August 10 at 6:28pm