2021 Jacksonville Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs - AM Weekend

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 17-18, 2021 at Ed Austin Park in Jacksonville, Florida
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**2021 Jacksonville Open** **PDGA Sanctioned AM B-Tier Event!** -AM Players Pack valued at $79 MSRP -T ... more
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Daniel Alexander    April 17 at 10:53pm

Tee Time for Sunday (Round 3) have been posted - https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/49857 Just a reminder EVERYONE plays Red Pads (Short) at Fore Palms tomorrow. See you all then!


Flavio Farias    April 16 at 11:56pm

Seeing that there’s(2)people for ma2, (2) for ma3, and (2) for ma4 and one solo for ma50 any way to allow 2 extra spots per each one of those divisions so we can all get off the waitlist and have a beautiful weekend? Lol

Daniel Alexander   April 17 at 12:15am

@Flavio, I don't have any extra players pack and with weather looking already sketchy this weekend not trying to add any spots and cause issues any more issues trying to complete the 2 rounds scheduled. I'll be issuing refunds to waitlist here shortly make sure to sign up when event goes live next year as everyone who got on wailist first 48 hours made it into the event this year.

Flavio Farias   April 17 at 12:18am

No worries Daniel!!! Thank yo I again for replying and trust me I understand I’ll make sure to sign up on time next year!!! Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!

Flavio Farias    April 16 at 9:09pm

Hoping I get off the waitlist and get a spot before 8pm lol.


Zachary Benscoter    April 16 at 12:59pm

Unfortunately I had to withdraw as I am no longer able to play but hope it’s a great weekend!

Daniel Alexander   April 16 at 2:12pm

@Zach, Sorry to hear. You have been removed and refund has been processed. Hope to you see you next year

Matthew Byrd   April 17 at 1:39am

Sorry man. Hate to hear that seriously. I got your spot and I am thankful.

Jeffrey Smith    April 14 at 2:27pm

Sorry but I withdrew from tourney. 2nd vaccine shot I received Monday has me feeling awful.. I was really looking forward to coming up for first time. J.Smith #113405 novice.

Daniel Alexander   April 14 at 2:45pm

@Jeffrey, Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I wish you a speedy recovery! You have been removed and refund has been processed. Hope to see you next year.

Jeffrey Smith   April 14 at 6:22pm

Thank you Daniel.Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wes Steer    April 14 at 1:45am

Is there a caddy book? Sure would be nice to know distances for practice rounds. Be nice to know where the Sunday pin locations will be too.

Daniel Alexander   April 14 at 4:25am

Caddy book will be coming to all players by email on Thursday the latest. Will have info such as course map, parking, approx. hole distances, OBs, and other needed tournament info

Daniel Swanson    April 13 at 5:18pm


I’m currently sitting at waitlist #1 for MA3. Do you think i have a good chance of getting the opportunity to play? I need to solidify sleeping arrangements as i am planning on traveling from Lakeland.

Daniel Alexander   April 13 at 6:11pm

@Daniel you have just as good of chance as anyone else. It's unknown to me who will drop out at this point. Anyone who does not get in off waitlist on 04/16/21 around 6 PM will be removed from waitlist and be issued a full refund.

Erik Repyneck    April 11 at 9:31pm

I had to pull out of the event due to an injury (MA40). Thanks

Daniel Alexander   April 11 at 9:35pm

@Erik, sorry to hear I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for submitting refund request by email. Your refund has been processed and you have been removed from event. Hope to see you next year

Paul K    April 11 at 2:22am

Daniel -any way you can post the tee times by division before Thursday? Trying to figure out if I need a hotel room Friday night and the range of tee times would be big help. I’m playing MA 50 but I guess others would be interested as well. Thanks!

Daniel Alexander   April 11 at 3:05am

@Paul I can do do that, for MA50 your round 1 is gonna be around 815 ~ @ 4P and round 2 will be around 1245 @ Springfield

Daniel Alexander   April 11 at 3:06am

@Paul disclaimer though this is subject to change and reason I wait to post tee times until Thursday is I always get 5-8 drop outs on average week of the event which throws a wrench into an planning I have in place

Corwin Barnes    April 10 at 5:39pm

Do we know when/where tee times will be posted?

Daniel Alexander   April 10 at 7:05pm

@Corwin, I posted in the comments section a few days back with this and some other info about the event check that out when you get a moment, section from that though regarding tee times is as follows "Tee times for the JO AM weekend will be posted next Thursday 04/15/21 around 9:00 PM. At th ... more

Flavio Farias    April 10 at 12:13am

Will you be closing out the tournament soon and not allow anymore waitlist people? Or is it safe for me to register

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Flavio Farias   April 15 at 2:25am

Sounds good And what time on the 16th will you make the cutoff for people waiting on the list?

Daniel Alexander   April 15 at 2:31am

@ Flavio probably about 8 PM is when I will be issuing refunds to those still on waitlist so you will know by then.

Flavio Farias   April 15 at 10:39am

Thank you! Hopefully I get in!

Daniel Alexander    April 9 at 12:13am

We are a just over a week away from the 2021 Jacksonville Open AM Weekend! Both courses are currently in the day 1 layout for all Jacksonville Open participants. Of the 256 participants in the JO this year 184 are playing blue pads (long pads) at Fore Palms day 1 so check your divisions pad assignment so you know what to practice. For hole 7 at Fore Palms we have swapped tee pads due to a downed tree on the left side has made the left side pad much easier. Therefore the red pad (short) is now le ... more


Tim Urbanek    April 2 at 1:33am

I'm listed on the registered players list via this website. On pdga.com for the Jacksonville Open I do not show up as a registered player. Was something missed for submitting my name as registered?

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Tim Urbanek   April 2 at 1:42am

Ah, I must have put the wrong PDGA #. Could the registration be switched to my PDGA number: 39882?

Daniel Alexander   April 2 at 3:05am

@Tim, PDGA# has been updated you should be good now

Tim Urbanek   April 2 at 3:13am

Thanks for the help! Apologies for the mistake on my part

Brock Mahaffey    March 31 at 5:09pm


I just got the e mail to get in off the wait list, but will not be able to compete due to a work trip. Please remove me from the registration.

Brock Mahaffey 42273


Paul Sheppard   March 31 at 7:11pm

Work? Why work? ;)

Daniel Alexander   April 1 at 3:17am

@Brock you have been removed and refund has been processed. Hope to see you next year.

Joseph Ramsay    March 25 at 11:16pm

I need to withdraw from the tournament.
Please refund Joseph Ramsay V - MA2

Daniel Alexander   March 26 at 12:13am

@Joseph you have been removed and refund has been processed. Hope to see you next year

Gregory Millington    March 25 at 2:52pm

Please withdraw and issue a refund for Sandy Millington FA2. Thank you

Daniel Alexander   March 26 at 12:13am

@Greg - Sandy's refund has been processed and she has been removed from registration. Hope she can play next year.

Daniel Alexander    March 14 at 4:24am

Okay guys/gals we have been working hard to get as many of you into the tournament as possible and with that being said we have made some slight changes in order to accommodate the larger field size. The total cap on players is now set at 144 and FA2 has moved to Pool A. Below is each pools new divisional cap along with course/tee pad assignments. We plan to have both courses set up in the Day 1 tournament layouts in early April for practice. Check the "About" tab for common question ... more

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Daniel Alexander   March 14 at 9:52pm

@Steve on 03/30 is when the divisional caps fall off and waitlist will shift to1 per Pool. Divisions that share spots with MA50 in Pool A are MA2, MA40, and FA2. Spots for MA60 won't go to MA50 as MA60 is playing different courses/layouts for each round

Steve Hoffman   March 15 at 2:33am

Copy. Thanks.

Paul Sheppard   March 16 at 2:45pm

Daniel, I totally understand. A bunch of the old guys saw the 8man cap, and figured it wasn't worth the shot getting on the waitlist with that amount of players being on it already. The sport is growing so fast, it's hard to get everybody in. Looking forward to playing a GREAT JAX tourney as always!

Brayden Carroll    March 14 at 4:18am

I was just added to the registration for rec from the waitlist, but after the ratings update I was over 900, I had no rating at all when I fist signed up. Is there anyway I can move my spot to intermediate or will I just have to withdraw from rec and then get on the waitlist for intermediate?

Daniel Alexander   March 14 at 4:27am

@Brayden I thought I checked everyone after the most recent ratings update sorry I did not catch this. What I can do is put you on the very top of waitlist in MA2. I will make that change here shortly

Ed Bellaire    March 10 at 3:04pm

My son, Stephen Bellaire cannot play in the event. Good thing is he's on the waitlist. I registered him along with mine. I'll be there! Thanks, Ed

Daniel Alexander   March 10 at 3:20pm

@Ed, if you could submit a refund request from the registration email Stephen used to register. That is easiest way for me to process full refunds.

Gregory Millington    March 10 at 2:28pm

I have submitted a refund request after the last ratings update I can no longer play in the MA2 division.

Daniel Alexander   March 10 at 3:20pm

@Greg, you have been removed and refund processed. See you Pro/MA1 weekend

Tyler Searle   March 10 at 3:56pm

Congratulations Greg!

Kevin O'Donnell   March 11 at 8:47pm

Welcome back Greggington! Muahahahaha