2020 Santa Cruz Masters Cup - (Am) - Presented by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, April 24-26, 2020 at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, California
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Chris I    2 days ago

Is this open to all to register now or still restricted to higher player ratings?

Matt Beatty   2 days ago

No more restrictions in place. Anyone can get registered.

Rich Fox    February 20 at 4:43am

So I am registered as MA2, but would like to play MA1. My rating is one point shy of the cut off. If my rating happens to go up before the tournament, do I have the option to switch divisions, or am I locked in at MA2?

Matt Beatty   4 days ago

Rich, you have the option to switch divisions should a spot be available in MA1.

Rich Fox   3 days ago

Thanks, not sure my rating will go up anyway, but figured it’s worth asking

Andrew Sitzmann   3 days ago

If we can switch , I am signed up for MA1 but prefer MA2

Adam 'Static' Pelayo    February 19 at 5:48am

A-Tier/Run it Disc Golf all day! Im pumped! #A-Team #DeLove


Dave Rudolph    February 18 at 9:56pm

I’d like to sign in for 70’s as well, although I only see a place for 60’s Masters.


Tullin Valdez    February 17 at 4:53pm

I’ve been told there is a rating minimum to reg tomorrow? Is that true? Help. I’m at 928. Thanks in advance.

Tullin Valdez   February 17 at 5:04pm

Never mind. I’ve been directed to more detailed information. Thank you.

Roger Vartabedian   February 18 at 11:26pm

Looks like 935+ gets to register early and those below that will fight for what is left

Tullin Valdez   February 19 at 2:51am

It actually depends on what division you are trying to reg for. Each division has their own minimum rating requirements. Thx

walter prescott    January 14 at 4:24am

I will 70 soon, our own division would be nice


ED BEHL    January 12 at 5:12pm

With at lease 5 players. A 70+ Am division should be added

Matt Beatty   February 5 at 4:51pm

After consideration, I have chosen to add a single group of MA70 players. If that continues to trend upward then next year the field size can be increased. As it stands for right now, I have opened up 4 spots with the intention of it filling out because I have a number of you requesting it. Should t ... more

frank levings    January 12 at 4:09pm

it's sad that we neglect to honor our older players, back east A tear tournaments have 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 divisions. we all get older, we hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ED BEHL    December 1 at 8:45am

Would you open a 70+ division since we could fill it right away with at least 4 players?

Bruce Gay   December 4 at 11:56pm

+1 to that, there are at least 4 regular attendees to the Masters Cup that are 70+