2021 PDGA Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championships

PDGA logoThu-Sun, September 9-12, 2021 at Harmony Bends DGC in Columbia, Missouri
Major · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Detailed event information including course schedule and pools assignments can be found at https://www.pdga.co ... more
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Damon Culver    4 days ago

I was in town this morning to play. Toughed out a couple rounds in the monsoon, but it did prompt curiosity on how things will be arranged if the same kind of rainfall occurs during or before the event. Harmony Bends was not playable this morning as I expected, but there were also a few holes at Albert Oakland Lower where we could not play the entire hole due to not being able to cross. Are there plan B's for this? Secondary question would be when the pin placements for each course will be known.

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John Chapman   4 days ago

And I have no idea on the pin placements. :)

Joe Douglass   3 days ago

Pretty much what Chappie said. We have contingency plans but it is difficult to explain what all the different options are. We have had tourneys at Oakland for almost 40 years now so we can move placements or throw holes out to accomodate a flash flood or wait it out depending on the scenario. H ... more

Damon Culver   2 days ago

Thanks. Thoroughly enjoy the courses there (even in the nasty conditions). Looking forward to it.

John Strifler    March 31 at 9:03pm

Have a chance to be in Columbia in early May - will the tees for the courses be known for MA60 division by then? Thanks!

Joe Douglass   3 days ago

Probably wont be announced by early May.

Daniel Whitlock    February 28 at 10:35pm

Thought I would add here for those like myself that are unfamiliar with the courses. GK Pro and CCDG have the 2018 Mid America Open on youtube which includes all three parks just not AO Upper.

ron simpson   March 1 at 1:11pm

thanks for the information!

Jerry Dobbins   March 4 at 8:18pm


keith johnson    February 9 at 12:26am

Sorry to bother you guys but I’m curious if the about,schedule and PDGA links are going to be updated with 2021 information soon so I can book my flights. Thanks in advance for your reply Keith

Joe Douglass   February 9 at 4:41pm

The proposed schedule is at the following link https://www.pdga.com/files/2021_pdga_usm_v1_schedule_only.png

Joe Douglass   February 9 at 4:43pm

Originally we planned to have some early bird activities the weekend before and those details have not been decided yet but I am sure we will have something over labor day weekend for anyone that comes early, probably doubles or flex starts.

keith johnson   February 9 at 11:42pm

Thanks for that info but I meant on THIS Dgscene page where I keep checking. :)

ron simpson    February 2 at 9:31pm

One more thing, when you describe Albert Oakland as upper and lower, on the course page they are listed as front and back. Which is which?

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ron simpson   February 3 at 12:38pm

inquiring minds want to know, lol.

Joe Douglass   February 5 at 2:37pm

Yeah there is a lot of local slang that is used to describe those courses. On the city maps they are descibed as upper course and lower course. Upper is also referred to as Front or Top. Lower is often referred to as Bottom or Back, I apologize for the confusing terminology but it is very had to break the local habit of calling them by the slang terms!

ron simpson   February 5 at 5:01pm

no problem, I just like to look up the reviews, to get a little insight into what the course is like. Thx for responding.

ron simpson    February 2 at 9:17pm

Will there be a pdf version of a players handbook? Just looking for additional information, course addresses, scorecards with course par, tournament check in, time and location, final cut numbers? Jw.

Joe Douglass   February 2 at 9:34pm

Absolutely. We are working on it as we make plans for covid etc. Harmony Bends will be in the default layout with par 68, the pad will depend on your division and this information will be posted soon. For oakland bottom course the par is usually around 56. For oakland upper course, it is usually ... more

Randy Singletary    February 1 at 5:30am

anyone traveling from Michigan this year besides me?


Kathy “Katnip” Hardyman    January 31 at 1:06am

What’s the new refund info? Want to register, but working through an injury that will decide my tournament fate. Thanks.

Joe Douglass   January 31 at 1:24am

Great question, just updated it now.

Kathy “Katnip” Hardyman   January 31 at 1:41am

Thanks, appreciate it!

Eric Dochterman    January 30 at 8:15pm

The logo for this year needs a mask over last years date and the new date on the mask!

Daniel Whitlock   March 15 at 7:29pm

Meh... would prefer not to be reminded of covid when I see it lol

Randy Osborn    January 30 at 3:00pm

I'm trying to complete my registration for MP65, entered my info and PDGA #287 and it still says my registration is incomplete. I don't see what's missing. Can you advise?

Randy Osborn   January 30 at 3:07pm

I see it's the registered official test. I'll do that.

James Gaughran    January 30 at 7:00am

Autofill error and my inattention has left me fully paid and registered for MA60, AND fully paid and waitlisted #2 in MA65. I want to play MA65. Can I hold onto my MA60 spot until I see if I get into MA65 from the waitlist?

Joe Douglass   January 30 at 4:06pm

You are now in off the waitlist on MA65 and I processed the refund for MA60,

James Gaughran   January 30 at 10:32pm

YOU are amazing. And fast. Name anything you want from the West Coast.

Joe Douglass   February 1 at 8:32pm

lol no worries, just seeing everyone have a good time here is good enough for me

Ron Pittman    January 30 at 3:08am

Well. In my haste I signed up for pro65 instead of am 65. Can you move me?

Joe Douglass   January 30 at 4:03pm

Sure thing.

mike sellers    January 30 at 2:14am

oh I was under the impression that if you previously played in a major and had cert you could just reup before event. Not before reg. Oh cause that makes a difference somehow..


William Struhar    January 30 at 2:07am

I didn’t get an email in advance (as promised) telling me how to get my 20% discount from playing 2 years ago, and I didn’t see how to activate it during registration.

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Steve Harmeyer   January 31 at 1:10pm

I would like that info too, searched my email box for it and couldn't find it.

Wes Steer   January 31 at 2:48pm

I'm already registered, let me know how to get a refund for the discount.

William Struhar   January 31 at 8:54pm

Thanks, Joe. I did sign up — didn’t want to miss the tournament.

Carrie Meyer    January 30 at 1:53am

Is the FPO40 capped at 4?

Fresa Jacobs   January 30 at 3:22am

No specific cap on fp40, just the pool.

John Birkrem    January 29 at 8:40pm

Is there a host hotel or any hotel discounts rates for this event?

Joe Douglass   January 30 at 4:04pm

Yes there will be a host hotel, we will have that setup and information posted soon.

Suzanne Hillyard    January 29 at 11:54am

Hi Joe, I am eligible to play in FA50 this year, was wondering if I could move to that division? If not no worries. Thanks bunches!

Joe Douglass   January 29 at 12:01pm

Sure thing I will move you now!

Bethel Barrett    January 20 at 1:12am

Hi Joe, I am now of age. Can you move me from MA60 to MA65 ? Looking forward to your event !

Joe Douglass   January 20 at 5:31pm

Sure thing I will make the change now!

Stan Balke    January 18 at 2:26pm

Are the courses posted for the Pools? If so, where can I find it?

John Strifler   January 18 at 3:12pm

There is a link to the 2020 intended schedule including course assignments at this link: https://www.pdga.com/2020usmasters/schedule. I am assuming the course choices and order will remain the same.

Neal Leathers   January 19 at 8:52pm

I get an error message for that link. Just played Harmony from the whites and had a blast, even if few and far between birdie looks!

John Strifler   January 20 at 9:44pm

It was working last week when I checked - sorry - I see that you are MA60, as am I. The courses and order in the original schedule had our pool playing Indian Hills on Thursday, Harmony Bends on Friday, and Albert Oakland Lower Courses on Saturday; those that make finals play on Sunday at Harmony Bends - I guess we will see what changes they make for this year.

Matt Peckham    December 22 at 2:28pm

So now that I'm officially OLD, can I get shifted from MP40 to MP50?

Ow, my back! All I did was reach for the ENTER key!

Joe Douglass   December 22 at 2:52pm

Sure thing, Ill update it now.