2019 Southeastern Wisconsin Match Play Championships

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at Dretzka Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament

This is a Season Long (May through November) Play on Your Own Match Play event!

Pick one of these courses and join either the PRO or AM bracket for that course.
Dretzka, Estabrook, Root River, Johnson Park (Racine), Lincoln Park (Kenosha), Rock River (Watertown), Oakwood Community Park (Delafield), and Sandy Knoll (West Bend)

Entry Fee: $40 regardless of course or Am or Pro

Player Package: All players will receive a custom event printed t-shirt.

Prizes: Depending on the number of players in each bracket and division payouts will go to approximately the top 25 to 35% of the field I am guessing at that number but that means you will need to win at least 1 (if brackets are small) maybe 2 (if they fill at 16 players each) matches to make the payouts. Pros will be playing for cash and Ams will be playing for funny money good at The Disc Barn (or with me at most of my leagues) Depending on outside sponsorship of the event, we may be able to have other ways for people to earn prizes.

Ace Pool: I haven't determined how much it will be yet but it will be included in the event fee and all aces will split the total ace pool.

Matches: Basically I will randomize each division into a bracket (like March Madness). You will be responsible for coordinating your first match in about 3-4 weeks (timeline depends how full the brackets get) by contacting your opponent and setting up a time that works for you both.

Match Play Rules: Each hole is worth 1 point. If you win you get 1 point. If you lose you get 0 and if you tie you both get 1/2 point. The match is over when someone is ahead more points than there are holes left. SO if you win the first 10 holes the match is over because there are only 8 holes left for your opponent to win. If you win the first 9 holes . . . you still have to keep playing because your opponent could win the final 9 holes. That match will end if you win or tie any hole after 9.

Trophies and Finals and Beyond:
There will be trophies for the winner of each bracket at each course but the winners will also go on to compete in an 8 person bracket at Brown Deer Park in the fall. You will play against the other 7 course winners in the Pro or Am brackets. That means 3 matches will be played over the course of 1 weekend. I hope we can get everyone there because I would like to highlight the finals and use the video and photos I get to promote the event for next year so we can hopefully expand it beyond just SE Wisconsin. I'd eventually like to host these in the other high concentrated disc golf areas of the state.

Refund policy

The Disc Golf Experience is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$40.00DREDretzka PRO
$40.00ESTEstabrook PRO
$40.00ROORoot River PRO
$40.00JOHJohnson Park (Racine) PRO
$40.00LINLincoln Park (Kenosha) PRO
$40.00ROCRock River (Watertown) PRO
$40.00OAKOakwood Park (Delafield (PRO)
$40.00SANSandy Knoll (West Bend) PRO
$40.00ASKAMATEUR Sandy Knoll
$40.00AOPAMATEUR Oakwood Park
$40.00ARRAMATEUR Rock River
$40.00ALPAMATEUR Lincoln Park
$40.00AJPAMATEUR Johnson Park
$40.00AROAMATEUR Root River Park
$40.00AEPAMATEUR Estabrook Park
$40.00ADPAMATEUR Dretzka Park