2019 Santa Cruz Masters Cup (Am) - Presented by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, April 26-28, 2019 at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, California
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Mitch Booher    April 30 at 11:15pm

Hi Matt and Braden, thanks for a great tourney. I did have one question, what do the ladies pay 40 dollars less for the same experience as the men?


Roger Vartabedian    April 25 at 11:10pm

Tee times official?

Matt Beatty   April 26 at 2:50am


Derek Monnett    April 25 at 4:10pm

Unfortunately I need to drop out from this years Master Cup due to unforeseen injury talked to Matt said he would save my players pack good luck to the rest of the competition thank you D Rock


Daniel Charlip-Blumlein    April 24 at 8:48pm


I unfortunately have to drop out. I am on the waitlist in AM2. I would like to request a refund.

Thank you!

Braden Coolidge   April 24 at 10:39pm

Hi Daniel. Your refund has been processed.

Wade Walters    April 24 at 5:01am

Hey, I noticed there is nobody on the MA40 waitlist and two on the MA1 waitlist. If a spot comes available in MA40 and you need someone to move, I will. I am currently in MA1. Not a preference thing just if helps get someone else to play.

Braden Coolidge   April 24 at 10:39pm

Thank you. Not likely at this point, but we appreciate the offer.

Adam 'Static' Pelayo    April 23 at 4:57pm

Good Luck MA2 friends that I know! I'll sign up next year for sures!


Richard Fox    April 22 at 9:02pm

Hi Matt, I have a question about the timing of Fridays round. I know the tee times will be posted on Thursday by 3pm, but i was wondering if you would be able to maybe narrow down when we might finish on Friday. I'm playing in the intermediate division. I saw a lineup of the rounds according to division and i think intermediate was earlier in the day, but i also saw different info posted, so i just wanted to clarify. I have some friends coming into town Friday night and just want to be able and ball park a time for Friday. Thank You

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Matt Beatty   April 22 at 11:17pm

Roger, in a perfect world, yes I would just add a waitlist player, if a waitlist player was available. Should there not be a waitlist player available, then the groups would be adjusted. Please do not go off the posted tee times because they are subject to change. The Official tee times will be posted Thursday afternoon.

Braden Coolidge   April 23 at 2:48am

To expand on that answer, sometimes we have divisions that we've oversold, to account for divisions that are undersold. This can create some tricky grouping situations that are compounded by drops. Sometimes we have threesomes that get a drop and someone has to shift from another group. Tee times are not likely to shift much, if at all, but we reserve the right for the reasons stated above.

Roger Vartabedian   April 23 at 3:03am

Fair, thanks for that explanation. I will await the official times

Robert Soratos    April 21 at 4:51pm

Hello Matt, I have to drop out due to unfortunate scheduling conflict. Would like to request a refund.

Thank you

Braden Coolidge   April 21 at 5:03pm

Refund processed.

Michael Amato    April 19 at 2:05pm

Hey Matt, I have to withdraw due to work. I need to request a refund please.

Mike Amato

Matt Beatty   April 20 at 2:42am

Hey Mike, no worries. I took care of you a bit ago. Sorry you cant play this year! Hopefully next year!

JEFFERSON S    April 11 at 1:05am

Never been to DeLa, curious, is the am setup same as recent pro setups?

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JEFFERSON S   April 11 at 1:23am

Excellent, thank you

JEFFERSON S   April 17 at 7:32am

Matt can you resend that email from a few weeks ago? I was on the waitlist at that time.

Matt Beatty   April 17 at 8:21pm

Sure, Ill send it over to you.

Chris I    April 8 at 10:12pm

Got the email about the reordered holes, starting on 25. Will these be remembered for the event? I plan to use Udisc to keep track of my score.

Kenneth Lawson   April 9 at 4:58am

When did the email get sent? I didn't see it and I don't have anything in my junk folder.

Matt Beatty   April 9 at 2:12pm

Hey Chris, if you want to keep track of your scores, go ahead and use UDisc. I submitted a layout and it has been published and its called Masters Cup 2019. 24 Hole layout. Layout starts on 25 and plays exactly as it will during the event. Thanks for your inquiry.

Matt Beatty   April 9 at 2:14pm

Ken, Im sorry you didn't receive the email. Ill send you the email that everyone else already received momentarily.

Michael Arauza    April 8 at 4:21pm

Need to withdraw from waitlist please


Eric Wonhof    April 8 at 12:14am

Eric Wonhof 61895 in MA40
Need to drop out please. Please pass to waitlist #1.

Samuel Erick johnson   April 9 at 12:11am

Bummer....but thank you...im the #1 waitlist in am40

Eric Wonhof   April 11 at 3:01pm

I saw that. Waiting for confirmation from Matt.

Kevin Berg    March 14 at 4:30am

Cant make it. Can I please request a refund and move someone up the waitlist. Thanks.


Thomas Nichols    March 12 at 5:29pm

Please withdraw me from the tournament. I have just started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, (HBO), and it's 5 days a week, for the next 11 weeks. It makes me more tired than I thought it would. Sorry, I was really looking forward to playing.

Robert Diamond   March 17 at 4:49pm

I'll miss seeing you there this year Tom. Hope the HBO cures whatever is ailing you, and hope to see you at a tournament soon

Johnny Eastaugh    February 27 at 6:51am

Here is a link to the 2019 Masters Cup Community page. All out of town people can ask questions regarding accommodations, eateries, camping, and more.


Daniel Charlip-Blumlein    February 27 at 3:46am

Hey, I’m number 7 on the waitlist in AM2. What do you think my chances are of getting in? I’d be nice to know so I can take off work for Friday. I know it’s still a long way off.

Matt Beatty   February 27 at 3:59am

Hey Daniel, I cant speak to the waitlist because this is a very popular event, however the waitlist might shift if people drop out because they cant get time off. Best of luck on getting in.

John Drago   February 27 at 3:15pm

you already moved up to number 5!

Robert Arzate    February 27 at 3:25am

Is there a host hotel and tourney rate?

Braden Coolidge   February 27 at 3:59am

No special rate hotels this year, aside from the ones that are discounted for PDGA members (see your PDGA card). We have not had enough people utilize our host hotels in the past so they are no longer willing to give discounted rates.

Roger Vartabedian    February 26 at 11:18pm

This is not part of the NorCal Series in 2019?

Braden Coolidge   February 27 at 3:16am


Mike Maryman    February 22 at 12:52am

Question: Will there a waiting list for those who get locked out once 180 players are entered? I plan on being on the computer right at 7pm (been told it fills up within 10-15 minutes) however you never know what might happen with an internet connection, right? If there is a waiting list, is there an approximate amount of waiting list players you think would be allowed to end up playing? Main reason I ask is because I will be driving down from Sacramento, if I end up on the waiting list, but sa ... more

Matt Beatty   February 22 at 1:05am

Hey Mike, there will be a waitlist for all divisions capped at 15 people. If you are on your computer at 7pm then you stand just as good a chance as anyone else to get in the event. Waitlist movement directly correlates with how many people sign up and drop. If you make it onto the waitlist, wait it out for a month and see how much it moves. You'd be surprised.

Mike Maryman   February 22 at 1:12am

Sounds good, the goal is to be signed up in time to not even worry about a waitlist!!

Mike Maryman   February 27 at 3:10am

I'm in Hooray!