2019 PDGA US Women's Disc Golf Championship Driven by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 20-22, 2019 at Loriella Park in Spotsylvania, Virginia
Major · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Registration cost includes $10 greens fee and $5 ace pool (per Pool A,B,C). If no aces in a pool, those ace fu ... more
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Michele Powell    September 17 at 8:47pm

Whats the dress code for the banquet?


Donna Barr    September 15 at 9:07pm

Omg!! It's almost time!! I'm so excited!!!!!


Kristina Draeger    September 14 at 12:35am

I missed registration! Anyway I can get into this event, still?
Kristina Draeger #88886 Adv.

Bob Cannon   September 14 at 2:42am

I see that Jeff already talked to you. Glad you were able to get in!

JOHN ROY    September 13 at 8:32pm

Bob or Jeff, can I register Talina Melanson, 108458 in Adv. Women for now? Her rating is not correct but we just want to get her registered.

Bob Cannon   September 14 at 2:43am

I see that Jeff took care of it. Thanks!

Erin Fitzpatrick    September 12 at 1:06pm

Will there be any practice days at the Blockhouse that will be free?
Will we need to call ahead next week for practice rounds at Cannon Ridge?
Thank you!

Bob Cannon   September 14 at 2:44am

Yes. Practice days next week will be free. No need to call ahead at Cannon Ridge after Tuesday morning. If before, please contact to let him know you are on the property.

Erin Fitzpatrick   September 15 at 2:56am

Awesome! Thank you

Bob Cannon   September 16 at 11:22am

You are welcome

Maureen Miller    September 12 at 2:44am

Is it too late to purchase a table for the flymart?

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Maureen Miller   September 12 at 4:14pm

I would like to have a table at the flymart. Let me know how to make a payment, please. Thank you so much!

Bob Cannon   September 12 at 6:19pm

Single booth (about 10x10) for $20, Double booth for $40. Please PayPal to spotsydiscgolfclub.com and indicate reasonp please.

Bob Cannon   September 12 at 6:21pm

Sorry... [email redacted]

Katie Bramble    September 3 at 12:11pm

Can I please move up from FA3 to FA2? Thanks!

Jeff Shattuck   September 8 at 9:44am


Michaellena Sharp    August 28 at 9:36am

Is there still time to move from FA2 to FA3? If so could i move down?

Bob Cannon   August 29 at 11:46am

No problem! I just made the change for you.

Teresa Martilik    August 23 at 3:47am

Sorry, I'm new to playing tournaments, but is it allowed to have a caddy for this tournament?

Robert Marr   August 23 at 11:21am

Yes but remember that a caddie is an extension of the player . You can be disqualified or stroked for their actions

Bob Cannon   August 26 at 11:15am

That is correct. Thanks for the response Rob Marr.

Robert Marr   August 26 at 5:12pm

:) My pleasure Bob

Naomi D.    August 20 at 1:59pm

I know this will be no small ask, but would it be possible to get the USWDGC courses and layouts added to UDisc?

Bob Cannon   August 21 at 7:00pm

We are in the process of finalizing the layouts and will add to UDisc. Thank you.

Bob Cannon   September 14 at 11:33am

The USWDGC layouts can be found on UDisc now.

Lishia Barnes    August 19 at 1:49am

Bob, sorry did I pay for the player's dinner?

Bob Cannon   August 21 at 7:02pm

Yes. Your dinner is included. You purchased 1 additional ticket as well.

Mary Newnam    August 8 at 1:01am

How can I pay for the players dinner for my husband to come if I have previously registered but did not add it?

Bob Cannon   August 8 at 11:02am

You can PayPal [email redacted] $25.

Mary Newnam   August 9 at 12:37am

Thanks Bob, I will do that today!

Kristy Moore    August 1 at 12:58pm

Is the A pool going to be extra holes or fivesomes since it's up to 90?

Bob Cannon   August 1 at 1:52pm

Neither, A pool will have Tee Times each day.

Nicole Proehl    July 25 at 6:59pm

Hello, can you please move me from FA1 to FA3? Thanks!

Bob Cannon   July 29 at 11:23am

No problem. You have been moved to FA3. Thank you.

Donna Barr    June 28 at 6:58pm

Would you move me from FP50 to FP40 please? Thank you

Bob Cannon   June 29 at 12:46am

No problem. Done

Donna Barr   June 29 at 1:08am

Thank you Bob!

Bob Cannon   June 30 at 10:57pm

You are welcome! :)

Cindy McMahan    June 10 at 2:19pm

Am I reading the schedule correctly in that pools B & C play 4 rounds & pool A plays 3 rounds?

Bob Cannon   June 10 at 4:50pm

Yes. That is correct.

Cindy McMahan   June 11 at 6:53pm

Interesting usually it’s the opposite. Pros play more rounds than Ams.

Rachel Boyce    May 7 at 3:39pm

Will there be check-in on the morning of the tournament prior to the 9:00am tee time? My travel schedule currently has me to the hotel after the post-player's meeting check-in, so I want to make sure I won't be totally out of luck.

Bob Cannon   May 7 at 4:47pm

Our draft schedule will be updated soon. Current plan is to have a later tee time with late check-ins Friday morning. Stay tuned for updates. Thank you.

Sandy Gast    May 3 at 12:03pm

Will the pools play at different courses, we are car pooling and need to know if we are in need of an additional rental. Pool A verses pool B

Jessica Kohl   May 3 at 7:25pm

The draft schedule is showing each pool playing a different course each round.. https://2019uswdgc.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/2019-uswdgc-schedule-v1dot0-12-feb-2019.pdf

Bob Cannon   May 6 at 4:57pm

That is correct. The different pools are playing different courses. The pools may have up to 72 players each.

Cortney Cooper    April 24 at 12:41pm

Hi! I was wondering if you could please move me from FPO to FA4? Thank you so much. :)

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Bob Cannon   April 24 at 1:46pm

Refund sent. Thank you.

Cortney Cooper   April 26 at 1:44pm

Got it. thanks so much :))

Bob Cannon   April 29 at 10:30am

You are welcome!

Michele Powell    April 22 at 3:58pm

Will you please move me to advanced from open?

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Bob Cannon   April 23 at 11:37am

Refund sent. Thank you.

Michele Powell   April 23 at 1:41pm

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Bob Cannon   April 24 at 11:47am

You are very welcome!