2019 Orlando Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 4-5, 2019 at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando, Florida
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Austin Graham    3 days ago

I have no received an email as well for 2nd in MA2


Chase Jones    6 days ago

I also didn’t receive an email for placing 15 in ma3


Buddy Thornton    6 days ago

Hello Bill, I tied for 3rd in MA50 and have not received an email for the payout voucher from Sun King. There is nothing in my clutter folder from Sun King

Bill Burbage   6 days ago

I am sending you an email.

Robert Cruz    May 12 at 6:26pm

Hey Bill, I have not received an email for payouts. I don’t know the email to contact you, so figured I would do it here.


Kevin Nollmeyer    May 7 at 1:11am

When will payouts be emailed?

Bill Burbage   May 7 at 1:33pm

The payout emails should be sent this week.

Bill Burbage   May 12 at 6:04pm

Mike Barnett has emailed payout vouchers last Wednesday. Please contact me if you cashed and did not receive an email.

Daniel Vorndran    May 3 at 11:28pm

I know it's last minute but I am going to have to withdraw. I threw my back out at work today 4/3. I am in Men's Rec division. Thank you, btw I sent an email as well.

Bill Burbage   May 4 at 3:40am

Thanks for the followup Dan, sorry to hear about your back.... Heal fast. I have also responded to your email.

Dylan Ford    May 3 at 4:10am

Is it possible to get into the last rec spot even though online registration is closed?

Bill Burbage   May 3 at 7:10am

Sorry, registration closed on May 1st, check out the Southeastern Amateur Championships - PDGA A-Tier over Labor Day weekend.

Rickie Bose    May 3 at 3:12am

Hello - I got injured in a car accident on the way home from work tonight, and I unfortunately need to back out of the Orlando open ☹️. I’m playing MA2, pdga #107460. TY!

Bill Burbage   May 3 at 7:09am

OMG.... Hope you are okay. That sucks man. I have processed your withdrawl and refund as someone on the Waitlist will now get in.

Rickie Bose   May 3 at 7:36am

Thank you Bill!

Adam Rouse    May 3 at 1:40am

Any way to still get in Intermediate or Rec?

Bill Burbage   May 3 at 7:06am

Sorry, registration closed on May 1st, check out the Southeastern Amateur Championships - PDGA A-Tier over Labor Day weekend.

Matthew Knight    May 2 at 11:47pm

My girlfriend, Samantha Murray will not be able to make the tournament. She is currently in FA3. I know she can't get a refund, but will I be able to pick up her players pack for her?

Bill Burbage   May 3 at 6:57am

Yes, we can make that happen. I will remove her from the tournament and save her player pack.

Bill Burbage   May 3 at 7:02am

There will be a Note on your registration check-in to pic-up her player pack.

Matthew Knight   May 3 at 10:17am

Thank you.

Devin Gainor    May 2 at 12:58pm

Good Morning Bill,
I was wondering if it would be a problem to switch into intermediate division. Im currently signed up for rec. Obviously I don't want to give up my spot in rec to be put on the waiting list for Inter. Just let me know, no big deal if it causes a problem.
Thanks, Devin

Bill Burbage   May 2 at 2:14pm

Hi Devin, you have the power to change divisions using your self-service URL that was sent to you on your initial registration confirmation email. Currently MA2 has a waitlist so simply switching will place you on back of the WL. While registration was open, you could have registered a second tim ... more

Devin Gainor   May 2 at 4:42pm

Thank you sir

Glenn Alexander    May 1 at 2:55pm

Hey Bill I have to bow out of the tournament was packed up and heading down there this morning get settled into the campground and my transmission is messed up on my truck I have sent the email hopefully you got it please let me know if you did good luck out there and see you for sac

Bill Burbage   May 2 at 3:41am

I got your message, and processed your refund as someone got in off the waitlist.

John King    April 30 at 8:50pm

Withdraw Email sent, I’m sorry I can’t make it out this year. This is my favorite tournament of the year. Good luck everyone! -John King pdga 93210

Bill Burbage   May 1 at 2:49am

Sorry to hear you'll miss the event... I processed your refund, and someone was promoted off the Waitlist, so you made their day.

Bill Burbage   May 1 at 2:50am

Join us for the Southeastern Amateur Championships over Labor Day weekend... 3 days 5 (maybe 6) 2020 AM Worlds courses?

mike fazzini    April 30 at 2:18pm

Where will tournament HQ be located? Pavilion near the original?

Bill Burbage   April 30 at 2:43pm

Orlando Open HQ is in the Carter Center, the big building next to T2 Hole #1

Rock Arnold    April 29 at 4:30pm

Have to back out due to unforeseen circumstances...just sent an email per PDGA policy.

Bill Burbage   April 30 at 2:44pm

Thank you Rock. done. Hope you get better quickly. Cheers

Park Chapman    April 28 at 9:20pm

Hi Bill, playing MA2. For T2, are the “short” pads the red or the white? Thank you!

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Kevin Nollmeyer   April 30 at 11:07am

Bill for MA1 on the same hole, blue tee or white?

Bill Burbage   April 30 at 2:46pm

MA1 will play all longs, so Blue pads everywhere (except on T2 Holes 7 & 17, longs play from white concrete pads) the blues are carpet on these 2 holes. Initial tee pads for every hole (short & long) on all 3 courses is concrete.

Bill Burbage   April 30 at 2:48pm

Only other exception is T2 Hole 16 (water hole) If OB on drive, Blue proceeds to White pad (carpet), Red proceeds to Green pad

chris wooland    April 28 at 12:20am

Im registered in advanced bc intermediate was full. Is it possible for me to move down to intermediate?

Mark Janssen   April 29 at 1:30am

You would need to register again in Intermediate and be on the waitlist. Then if you get in we would refund one of the registration fees.

Reed Hancock    April 26 at 2:59pm

I am so sad I can't make it this year :(

Bill Burbage   April 30 at 2:50pm

Join us for the Southeastern Amateur Championships over Labor Day weekend... 3 days 5 or 6 courses?

Reed Hancock   May 1 at 9:03pm

Heck yea

Gregg stevens    April 25 at 4:27am

Im #1 on the ma3 waitlist. What are the chances that i get to play? Its a 3 hour trip and would like to know. Thanks in advance

Bill Burbage   April 25 at 2:32pm

Gregg, life happens... we see a lot of movement in the last week... I say your chances are good... hold tight.

Lance Pate    April 24 at 10:35pm

Unfortunately, my car broke down and I have to withdrawal. Please refund me. MPO. Thanks!

Bill Burbage   April 25 at 2:31pm

Done. Good luck with your car.