2018 Santa Cruz Masters Cup (Am) - Presented by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 4-6, 2018 at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, California
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Registration will open on March 6th, at 6 pm PST
This will be a NorCal Series event.
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Nevada Schultz    May 7 at 11:28pm

Is there any way to get onto the wait list? I'd love to take the spot of someone who is cancelling last minute.

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Matt Beatty   May 7 at 11:52pm

Hey Nevada, are you looking to play in the Pro event that is taking place May 18-20th? Or are you looking to play in the Amateur event? The Amateur event ended yesterday May 6th.

Nevada Schultz   May 8 at 10:07pm

I thought there was an event this coming weekend May 11-13! I'm going to be in Santa Cruz that weekend.

Matt Beatty   May 8 at 10:30pm

Daisy Chains is happening this weekend but that event is held at Pinto Lake in Watsonville. But thats all an women's tournament. Masters Cup AM is always the first weekend in May and the Pro weekend is always the 3rd weekend in May.

Mark Smith    May 4 at 8:07pm

Any way to follow the AM's online? My kid is playing and I'm at work? thanks all!

Johnny Eastaugh   May 5 at 5:48am

Last year there was live scoring on the final round(Sunday) . I believe it will depend on the volunteer count and TD activity if it will happen this year.

David Miller    May 3 at 3:24am

Very unfortunately need to drop out due to having unplanned surgery on my retina. David Miller 96957

Matt Beatty   May 3 at 3:35am

Hey David, sorry to hear you need to drop out of the event. Hope you a speedy recovery with the surgery. Ill go ahead and process your refund right now. Hope to see you next year at MC19!

David Miller   May 3 at 3:47am

Thank you so much for the prompt response. Will be there next year absolutely.

Dann turner   May 3 at 8:37pm


Robert Diamond    May 2 at 3:54pm

I'm excited to play the Masters Cup again... My favorite tournament every year ..
Thanks to all the people that make this happen
Marty .. Braden .. Tim .. Russ .. I know I'm missing someone ..everyone in the SCDGC
Appreciate all you do!

Braden Coolidge   May 2 at 8:00pm

Much appreciated Bob!

Adam Briscoe    May 1 at 4:36pm

Can’t make need to drop out Adam Briscoe 64833

Brandon Merzlock   May 1 at 5:22pm


Matt Beatty   May 1 at 6:05pm

Hey Adam, sorry to hear that you have to withdraw. I will go ahead and process your refund on the next couple of hours when I get back to my machine. Hope to see you next year for MC19!

Matt Beatty   May 1 at 7:59pm

Hey Adam, wanted to let you know that I just went ahead and processed your refund.

Jeff Korns    April 27 at 2:14pm

Unfortunately going to have to drop out. Some things came up at work but I hope to see everyone pro weekend! #69287

Marty Hapner   April 27 at 3:06pm

hi jeff, sorry that you have to drop out. refund has been issued. tell your dad hey! see you pro weekend.

Daniel Burroughs    April 25 at 1:58am

Unfortunately, have to withdraw this year. Daniel Burroughs #63597

Matt Beatty   April 25 at 2:12am

Sorry to hear that you will not be able to make it this year. I went ahead and processed your refund and registration removal. Hope to see next year.

Daniel Burroughs   April 25 at 2:18am

I hope so tooThanks Matt!

philip brown    April 25 at 1:56am

Are the ams playing the ball golf course on Sunday or just open ????

Matt Beatty   April 25 at 2:13am

Hey Philip, the Ams only play the Delaveaga Disc Golf Course, not the ball golf course that MPO/FPO plays on Sunday.

edward bigarani    April 24 at 7:49pm

Hi there,
I registered for AM 2 and my rating is 950 but only includes one rated tournament. My other tournament was not included and it was well below a 900 rated score. I have been moved to AM 1 but i believe I should still be in AM 2 if we count my other tournament. Please help as I am now on a waitlist when i was already confirmed as playing in AM 2

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Matt Beatty   April 24 at 8:06pm

Hey Edward, we just received word from the PDGA regarding your rating and you are able to the MA2 division without any problem. I will go ahead and remove the placeholder on the MA1 waitlist right now.

Braden Coolidge   April 24 at 8:56pm

Just to be clear, you are receiving a waiver from the PDGA to play MA2, due to the lack of ratings data and the ratings from your most recent rounds that did not get factored into the most recent ratings update. Effective PDGA rating is 910.

edward bigarani   April 24 at 10:15pm

Thank you guys for the prompt response and I am super excited to come down and play !! Can't wait!!

Alex Lyon    April 19 at 10:45pm

Sadly I need to withdrawal from masters cup, Alex Lyon #80636 thankyou.

Braden Coolidge   April 20 at 3:51am

Refund issued.

Laban D    April 19 at 6:06pm

I’m afraid I will need to drop out as well! #101830 thankd very much!

Braden Coolidge   April 19 at 8:58pm

Refund issued

Michael Infusino    April 19 at 4:33pm

Unfortunately I’ll need to withdraw from Masters Cup, please refund Michael Infusino, #31277. Thanks!


Dominic Drozdowicz    April 10 at 5:40pm

Hi, I need to pull out of the event. Can my refund be applied to the fying pan tourney? Please advise.



Marty Hapner   April 10 at 6:11pm

hi dominic, we cannot apply your refund to another event. please, choose the cancel/refund link in your original confirmation email and we will refund your entry.

Braden Coolidge   April 12 at 2:52am

Refund issued.

Derek Monnett    April 8 at 3:10pm

Can you please withdraw my name off waitlist thank you D ROCK

Braden Coolidge   April 8 at 9:03pm

Refund issued.

andrew wolverton    April 6 at 10:54pm

Hey guys, sorry for this but please take me off the wait list, thanks for that and for all the work!

Braden Coolidge   April 7 at 1:19am

Done. Sorry you can't make it.

Aaron Van Matre    March 31 at 3:08pm

will there be a caddy book provided?

Braden Coolidge   March 31 at 3:39pm

Yes...about 2 weeks prior to the event.

Braden Coolidge   March 31 at 3:41pm

You can access the caddy book from 2017 on our website: www.SantaCruzMastersCup.com. The layout will be almost identical, if not identical.

Aaron Van Matre   April 1 at 10:48am


Kevin Berg    March 25 at 2:09am

Can't make the tournament. Can i please get a refund. Thank you.

Braden Coolidge   March 25 at 3:36am

Sorry you can't make it. Refund issued.

Richard Bautista    March 20 at 3:10pm

Hello Braden ,
I need to withdraw from the event, can you please issue a refund.

Braden Coolidge   March 20 at 11:41pm

Refund issued.

Richard Bautista   March 21 at 12:34am

Thank you.

frank levings    March 20 at 2:30am

hey rich p is their a good pizza parlor in town or in watsonville i could meet you there after check in.

Stevo McGaughy   March 23 at 8:16pm

Check out Pleasure Pizza, in my opinion the best in the area.. its 800 41st ave, low key place but bomb pizza..

joey nichols    March 14 at 6:29pm

players pack?

Johnny Eastaugh   March 14 at 6:40pm