2018 Glass Blown Open Spectator Badge

Sat-Sat, April 21-28, 2018 at Emporia Country Club in Emporia, Kansas
Disc golf event

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For Spectators only - Players registered for the GBO as players are not eligible for the Spectator Badge. A p ... more
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Erin Griepsma    April 5 at 3:34am

If you know anyone or maybe evennyou, who will be spectating at GBO, I am always looking for a caddy. Playing in FPO. -ERIN Griepsma #75597 Team Westside

Dynamic Discs   April 5 at 5:44pm

Erin, you may post this in the GBO app and maybe on some of the Facebook Emporia and Fan Disc Golf pages!

Erin Griepsma   April 10 at 8:39am

i posted in the GBO app as well, I iwll post in the trilogy page too :)

Dynamic Discs   April 10 at 4:21pm


Mark Jennings    March 24 at 12:40am

I'm going to volunteer as a spotter at Olpe... Can I still "register" for a Spectator Badge?

Dynamic Discs   March 24 at 4:38am

Yes. You can!

Tanner Sherlock    March 6 at 9:29pm

How important is having our PDGA # when we sign up? If it's even remotely important, could you please add my #? It's: 106042.
If it's not at all important, then disregard this. Thanks!!!

Dynamic Discs   March 7 at 1:21pm

No need for Spectator Badge!

Tanner Sherlock   March 8 at 4:50am

Sweet! Thanks, you rock!!!!

kevin berry    February 28 at 12:09am

I will be in Thursday night I wanna know if I can pick up my spectators pack that day or fri. And my daughter is playing in the Jr gbo is that Sunday?

Dynamic Discs   February 28 at 3:15pm

Hi, Kevin. Are you referring to Thursday, April 26th? If so, you can pick up your Spectator's pack at the Granada during Check-In on Friday, April 27th. Junior GBO is Sunday, April 29th. http://glassblownopen.com/event-schedule

Zong Vang    February 27 at 11:42pm

I would like a refund for the spectator badge please...also put in to be taken off the waitlist too

Dynamic Discs   February 28 at 3:14pm

You've been removed form the Spectator's list.

James R    January 23 at 1:20am

Couple question, first the tour says it ends on the 28th, what course will this be at? Second if I can only make it to this day of the tournament would I still be eligible for the Spectator Pack?

Dynamic Discs   January 23 at 3:38am

Yes. The MPO field will be at the Country Club and the FPO field will be at Peter Pan on the last day of the event (Saturday).

Dynamic Discs   January 23 at 3:39am

To be clear - you could pick up your Spectator Pack on Saturday.

James R   January 24 at 5:41pm

Thank you for the information.

James McCullough    January 17 at 12:40am

Can I register as a spectator if I'm already registered as a competitor? If I can does that insure a spot in 2019?

Dynamic Discs   January 17 at 3:30pm

1) Players registered for the GBO as players are not eligible for the Spectator Badge. A player on the 2018 GBO Waitlist may register as a spectator. If a registered spectator gets into the actual event, they will be removed as a registrant for the Spectator Badge. 2) 2018 Spectator Badge holders wi ... more

Sam Dluzniewski    January 2 at 11:59pm

I put in for a cancelled refund. I am on the waitlist. It wouldn’t let me do either.

Dynamic Discs   January 3 at 1:17pm

I refunded your entry fee from the GBO and removed you from the waitlist. I also removed you from the Spectator Badge list. We hope to see you in Emporia at another event soon!

Mike Abbott    December 22 at 1:10pm

i'd like to purchase spectator pack for my wife, but I'm not sure when she will be able to arrive in Emporia. I'm assuming that she needs to be present to pick up her pack, so what is the latest that she can do that(day & Time)?

Dave Cox   December 22 at 3:50pm

According to the schedule, http://glassblownopen.com/event-schedule Late Check-in is from 9a-4p on Thursday, the first day of the event.

Dynamic Discs   December 22 at 6:44pm

Mike, if your wife is not able to pick up her Spectator Pack during the check-in days at the Granada Theater, she will be able to pick it up at the Retail Store.

Mike Abbott   December 22 at 7:42pm

Great. Thanks for the feedback!

Cody Napier    December 4 at 7:47pm

So definitely not sure how it registered me 4 times, but I should only be registered once. Sorry about that.

Dynamic Discs   December 6 at 7:08am

We got that fixed.