2018 Glass Blown Open One Round Challenge Flex Start C-Tier at Jones West

PDGA logoTuesday, April 24, 2018 at Jones Park in Emporia, Kansas
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This one round C-Tier event allows you to practice Jones West and play a PDGA rated round. This is a flex star ... more
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Fabian Venegas    April 24 at 8:25pm

I didn’t make it to play, can I please get a refund?

Dynamic Discs   April 25 at 2:45am

We can credit to a dynamicdiscs.com online account. Do you have one? If so, what email do you use? If you do not have one, go to the site and open one and I will ad $20 of credit to your account.

Dan Dokken    April 17 at 1:39am

Can I play a practice round early and do the official flex round later in the day?

Dynamic Discs   April 17 at 1:03pm

Sure, however the courses tend to be more crowded on the day that they have the flex start going on.

Robert Hand    April 16 at 9:41pm

Can I get on wait list? I turn 60 years young that day and would love to play!

Dynamic Discs   April 16 at 11:35pm

Just sent an email...no waitlist for the flex start events...you can show up and as long as there are no pre-registered players in the queue to tee-off, you can pay onsite. If there is a line of pre-reg players you may not get to play.

Robert Hand   April 17 at 10:52am

Thank you.

Brian Cox    April 15 at 5:36am

Could I please move from MA2 down to MA3?

Dynamic Discs   April 16 at 1:01pm


Matthew Landini    April 14 at 7:40pm

Dynamic Discs, if you could cancel my registration for this tournament, the C-Tier for Peter Pan, and the Caddy Games, I would appreciate it! I sadly won't be attending GBO this year. Thank you in advance!

Dynamic Discs   April 16 at 1:05pm


Richard Van Manen    April 13 at 1:33pm

Registration Full, no option for waitlist.. If I show up day of is there any chance of filling an open slot or is it done & done?

Dynamic Discs   April 13 at 1:34pm

If you show up and there are no registered players waiting in the queue to tee off, you will be able to play. I wwuld suggest that earlier in the day will be your best shot.

Dave Perzanowski    March 26 at 3:09pm

Please cancel my registration for this event. I don't think I will be arriving in Emporia soon enough to make this. Thanks!

Dynamic Discs   March 26 at 7:15pm

We issued a refund.

Jake Harris    February 9 at 3:55am

It charged me $30 too :(

Dynamic Discs   February 9 at 1:07pm

Jake, Is your PDGA membership current?

Jake Harris   February 11 at 8:59pm

Ohhhhh, it is the new year isn't it. I'll go fix that, then does it refund the $10?

Dynamic Discs   February 12 at 2:08pm


Jeffrey Pritchard    January 17 at 12:34am

Could I be switched from the tournament at Jones West on Tuesday to the tournament at clover cliff ranch on Saturday please?

Dynamic Discs   January 17 at 3:22pm

Hi, Jeffrey. You have been moved from the JW Challenge to the CCR Challenge. Current registration can be viewed here: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/34240

Jeffrey Pritchard   January 17 at 5:08pm

Thank you!

Ian Reando    December 30 at 4:17pm

Could I be switched from Recreational Division to Intermediate Division please! Also when should we expect the $10 refunds to go through? Been a renewed 2018 member for about 2 months now and was just curious

Dynamic Discs   December 30 at 11:35pm

Done and done.

Ian Reando   December 30 at 11:37pm

Thank you so much!