2018 Glass Blown Open One Round Challenge Flex Start C-Tier at Eagle DGC (Olpe Lake)

PDGA logoSunday, April 22, 2018 at Eagle Disc Golf Course at Olpe City Lake in Olpe, Kansas
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This one round C-Tier event allows you to practice Eagle DGC (Olpe Lake) and play a PDGA rated round. This is ... more
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Tom Verstraete    April 23 at 8:27pm

Is there a place to see what the payouts were for AMs?

Dynamic Discs   April 23 at 8:33pm

Posted on GBO mobile app. Retail store also has list of ams who should receive payout.

Tom Verstraete   April 24 at 2:13pm

Can the payout be used online or at the DDKC store? Or is it just at the Emporia store in person? How long until it "expires"?

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 3:03pm

Prefer that you use it in Emporia by the end of the week. If that is not possible, send me an email at [email redacted]

Brandon Doster    April 22 at 6:20pm

Swope is slow play due to volume. Could you please refund for store credit? Thank you!

Dynamic Discs   April 23 at 3:58am

Added as points to your account.

Dustin Morton    April 22 at 6:16pm

Swope is running long. Please refund for credit. I’ll spend it tomorrow!!

Dynamic Discs   April 23 at 3:56am


Travis Crawford    April 21 at 6:49pm

Can't make it to this event, can i get a refund please?

Dynamic Discs   April 21 at 7:37pm

Per policy, I have credited your dynamicdiscs.com account with 200 points ($20). This is the account associated with this email address: [email redacted]

Carl Aufner    April 21 at 5:52pm

can you tell me what pads the c tier is played mg?

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Dynamic Discs   April 21 at 7:40pm

All other divisions play short pads

Carl Aufner   April 22 at 11:29am

Thank you, so pool F will play different pads during the tournament correct?

Dynamic Discs   April 22 at 4:25pm

Nope - MA40 is playing all short pads at both the c-tier and during the main event.

Megan Barber    April 21 at 3:28pm

I need to cancel for this event and could I be refunded and the money be put on the DD site?

Dynamic Discs   April 21 at 3:52pm

Yes, we can withdraw you and put a $20 credit on your dynamicdiscs.com account.

Aaron Nickel    April 21 at 9:30am

Keep forgetting to cancel this event, could I be refunded and have the monies put on the DD site?

Dynamic Discs   April 21 at 3:00pm


Aaron Nickel   April 22 at 2:10pm

Can you make sure? Name is still on the list to play

Dynamic Discs   April 22 at 5:36pm


Josh McVey    April 20 at 8:46pm

Does this tournament block practice rounds?

Dynamic Discs   April 20 at 9:00pm


Josh McVey   April 20 at 9:01pm

Cool, thank you.

Jeffrey Angers    April 19 at 5:34pm

Please withdraw Jeffrey Angers and Kristen Angers from this event.

Dynamic Discs   April 19 at 7:12pm


Richard Van Manen    April 15 at 5:10pm

I messed up, will still be playing in Bowling Green today, would it be possible to xfer my registration to the wait list for PP on wednesday 4/25 (I plan on showing up early anyways to fill an open slot). Totally my fault, sorry for the headache. Thanks!

Dynamic Discs   April 16 at 12:58pm

I will refund your registration. Unfotunately there are no wait lists for the flex start c-tiers. If you show up to the course and there is no one in the queue that was pre-registered you can than play and play that day.

Richard White    April 13 at 11:03pm

Thank you


Richard White    April 13 at 11:03pm


Richard White    April 13 at 8:21am

First time at GBO...How and where do we register for our tee time?

Dynamic Discs   April 13 at 1:27pm

Flex start - show up when you can play.

Stefan Ray    April 12 at 3:23am

Can I please be withdrawn from this tournament and refunded

Dynamic Discs   April 13 at 1:42pm


Dominic Bickford    December 2, 2017 at 1:15am

Olpe, PP, and JE didn't have a box to check for being current. I was charged an additional 30 to register for these 3 events.