2018 Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open NT (MPO and FPO only)

PDGA logoThu-Sat, April 26-28, 2018 at Jones Park in Emporia, Kansas
Pro-only National Tour · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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November 7th - Registration opens for MPO / FPO non-US residents at 7PM CST. November 14th - Registration o ... more
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Adam Weiker    March 3 at 11:24pm

Unfortunately im going to have to withdraw from the waitlist. Please amd thank you.

Dynamic Discs   March 5 at 1:27pm


Jim Castillo    March 2 at 2:31pm

I'm looking for a place to stay 24-29. I'm not playing this year I'm going to be volunteering. need a room or just a little floor space


Adam Weiker    February 18 at 4:34pm

What are the chances of getting into mpo if i register within the next week?

Dynamic Discs   February 19 at 2:01pm

Really good...only 3 on current waitlist.

Sam Wheeling    February 13 at 1:28am

How does one change their Tee off song?

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Sam Wheeling   February 22 at 3:36am

I assume that we will either A) Get to hear the first 30 seconds or B) It will be a random spot in the middle?

Dynamic Discs   February 22 at 1:00pm

Both songs have been changed...our music guys typically start at the beginning of a song. You might ask them for a variation when you get to the course and they might be able to adjust accordingly.

Sam Wheeling   February 26 at 12:28am

Sounds Good Thanks

Jim Castillo    February 10 at 4:08am

I'm looking for a place to stay 24-29. I'm not playing this year I'm going to be volunteering. need a room or just a little floor space.


Kayla Ripple    January 20 at 6:54am

How many people are currently on the waitlist for mpo? I’m asking for my boyfriend.

Dynamic Discs   January 21 at 8:18pm

No one on MPO waitlist at this point.

Brian Earhart    January 15 at 9:12pm

Hello! I've decided to stay in IL and run some clinics the weekend of GBO. I need to drop the event. Let me know if you need anything else from me!

-Brian Earhart #45879

Dynamic Discs   January 15 at 9:33pm

Hi, Brian. Upon your request, you have been withdrawn from MPO and refunded the registration fee minus a processing fee.

Brian Earhart   January 15 at 11:11pm

Thank you!

Elijah Ragan    December 26 at 8:03pm

I need to withdraw

Dynamic Discs   December 26 at 9:06pm

You have been withdrawn from MPO and refunded the registration fee minus the processing fee.

Brian Cole    December 18 at 1:49am

Is there a current waitlist? Was hoping to take a guess at the likelihood of making it in before committing to the registration fee.

Dynamic Discs   December 18 at 4:31pm

For the MPO field there is not. We have 184 out of 184 spots taken, but no one has added themselves to the waitlist. I would be shocked if any of the next ten folks who add themselves to the waitlist would not get in...

Brian Cole   December 18 at 9:58pm

Word, thanks!

Brian Mendez    November 29 at 6:51pm

Who do I need to talk to about dropping out of MPO?

Dynamic Discs   November 29 at 7:01pm

I can withdraw you and refund money if that is what you want to do.

Brian Mendez   November 29 at 7:04pm

Yes Please

Dynamic Discs   November 29 at 11:08pm

You have been withdrawn from MPO and refunded the registration fee.

Sam Wheeling    November 22 at 3:28am

My wife wants to register for womens open. Will there be trophies so that she can decline cash. We want to make sure that if she does cash that she can still play in local C tiers by her rating. Any Help? She is 860 rated

Dynamic Discs   November 22 at 6:31pm

Yes - she can decline cash - however with new PDGA rule, she cannot get the cash value in merchandise as has been allowed in prior years. She would be eligible for a trophy though.

Sam Wheeling   November 25 at 4:33am

Ok. Thanks. Do you know if she will still be able to play in B/C tiers by her rating? IE can she still play Mens divisions based off her rating and play am? I am under the understanding that once she cashes in an NT that she cant play certain tourneys like AM WORLDS.

Dynamic Discs   November 27 at 1:30pm

YOu are correct. If she accepts cash at any event - this will disqualify her from major amateur championships like Am Worlds. Accepting only a trophy will keep her eligibility intact.

Jesse Cooper    November 13, 2017 at 2:28am

Hi, I have a buddy signing up for rec but he is not a pdga member yet. I know he has to be at date of tourney, but was wondering if he needs to be one to register or if he can do it after? Thanks

Dynamic Discs   November 13, 2017 at 1:25pm

No need to be a member when signing up. He will have to be current once the tournament gets here.

David H   November 15, 2017 at 2:57am

That should be changed.