2018 Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open A-Tier (Age-Protected Pros and All Amateurs)

PDGA logoThu-Sat, April 26-28, 2018 at Jones Park in Emporia, Kansas
Pro-only A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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November 7th - Registration opens for non-US residents and 2017 Spectator Badge holders at 7PM CST. Novembe ... more
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Austin W    October 10 at 7:11pm

When does registration open for the 2019 GBO

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Dynamic Discs   October 18 at 1:04pm


Dynamic Discs   October 18 at 1:05pm


Chuck Snorris    April 26 at 11:07am

I didn’t enter a tee off song either. If it’s not too late can I get:
Sham Pain by five finger death punch?

Eric Ruiz MA1 86386

Dynamic Discs   April 26 at 2:02pm

Mention to the music folks at Handeye, Ogio, or Jones East courses when you play there.

Chuck Snorris   April 26 at 2:05pm

Ok thanks

Nick Steed    April 25 at 12:01pm

I also completely forgot about a tee song. Going with the beginning of Master of Puppets-Metallica. Thanks.


Michael Emerick    April 24 at 11:55pm

Finally a tee off song. We ready - Archie eversole

Dynamic Discs   April 25 at 2:42am


Galen Adams    April 24 at 11:36am

Whoops! Never gave you a tee song. New Noise by Refused. Thanks - Galen Adams 89521

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 2:05pm


Jeremy Olson    April 24 at 10:58am

Is it too late to change my tee song??? If not I would like to change it to Black by Sevendust. Sorry for the last minute request... Jeremy Olson #104643

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 11:30am


Philip B    April 24 at 2:17am

I was looking under invitations and my name is on there but it's not my pdga number it pulls up someone else. I'm not sure if that means anything or not. My number is correct on the registration though

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 2:23am

So on the pdga site for the GBO it shows up as correct?

Philip B   April 24 at 2:40am

Yes it does. I just didn't know if it was a major deal or not

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 10:40am

Nope...you are fine.

Shawn Flinn    April 24 at 1:52am

I need to withdraw my MP50+ Registration. I was on the waitlist for MA50+ and got on in that division so I’d like to withdraw from MP50. Thanks in advance.

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 2:22am


Spencer Tuggle    April 23 at 10:07pm

When and where is player ckeck-in for the tournament?

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 12:31am

Wed and Thursday at Granad Theatre starting at 9AM. Tee times will be posted later tonight though...you do not need to check in prior to your first round...just to get your player pack.

Jacob Winn    April 23 at 9:17pm

With online Registration closing tomorrow at 8pm, will that also be the cutoff for waitlist players to be added to the event?

Dynamic Discs   April 24 at 12:34am

Wednesday evening...we will contact you directly if spots open up.

B Nelson   April 25 at 6:13pm

So online reg closing = registration closing? Or not? Still trying to get in to MP40 which shows open spots..

Dynamic Discs   April 26 at 2:58pm

You got in, correct?

Robert Crosby    April 23 at 9:00pm

Can you please update my song to The Rolling Stones, Paint it Black. Thank You.

Dynamic Discs   April 23 at 9:15pm


Andy Hamer    April 23 at 8:18pm

I have cancelled my room at the Comfort Inn if anyone is looking for a place to stay Wednesday through Saturday.


Andy Hamer    April 23 at 6:03pm

Hello there Dynamic Discs.
I would like to cancel and be removed from the registration list.
I have had an emergency come up and am forced to cancel my registration for your tournament.
Please cancel me and start the refund process since there is still a wait list.
Thank you very much.
I will play next year and say good luck this week to everyone.
Andy Hamer.

Dynamic Discs   April 23 at 6:11pm

You've been withdrawn and refunded.

Andy Hamer   April 23 at 8:17pm

Thank you very much.

Tony Grzegorzewski    April 22 at 1:52am

Can you update my song to Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way. Thanks

Tony Grzegorzewski   April 22 at 5:48am

Pdga# 84435

Dynamic Discs   April 22 at 4:22pm


Chris Mahaffey    April 21 at 10:03pm

Not sure what I put for my tee off song. Anyway you can update me?

Dynamic Discs   April 22 at 4:20pm

Room 21 by Hinder

Lindsey Langley    April 21 at 6:42pm

I would like to update my song to Don’t stop believing, by journey please Thank you in advance! I intermediate women #87385

Dynamic Discs   April 21 at 7:39pm


Tanner Orth    April 21 at 1:16pm

Hi. I am currently registered for the spectators badge, but I was wondering if i could switch to the waitlist for intermediate? Thanks

Tanner Orth   April 21 at 1:17pm

And switch back if I didn’t get in in time?

Dynamic Discs   April 21 at 2:58pm

Your best bet at this late date would be to sign up for intermediate. If you do not get in you will get a full refund. If you do get in, you will get a full refund on your spectator pack.

Richard Vontell    April 21 at 2:26am

Hi guys. I have finally gotten off the wait list on Rec. I registered in am
40 just in case I did make rec. Now that I have. Can I please be taken out of am 40 please and get a refund ...thanks

Dynamic Discs   April 21 at 3:06pm


Alex Vang    April 20 at 3:06pm

Can I please have my tee off song updated to "MÖWE - Birds Flying High". My PDGA number is 89574 - MA2. Thank you and everyone for their efforts.

Dynamic Discs   April 20 at 8:09pm


Kenneth McWhorter    April 19 at 8:27pm

Can I change my song the the highway men by willie Nelson please mike mcwhorter pdga # 83016

Dynamic Discs   April 19 at 8:55pm