Breaking Aces Disc Golf Iron Man Points Series

December 31, 2022 - October 15, 2023   ·   17 events

About this series

Welcome to the 2023 Breaking Aces Iron Man Points Series! Every Breaking Aces Points Series Event listed will have $3 per player deducted from the entry fee. This will be separated by division, MPO will earn for MPO, FA3 for FA3 etc. $2 will go to the series prize fund for the divisions. The remaining $1 will go towards IRON MAN inside division. You qualify for Iron Man by attending all 2 round events in the series. 1 round events will ADD to the prize fund but are not a requirement for qualifying. ALSO Bye Bye 2022 @ Wickes is also not included in the IRON MAN, but points will be counted and it will add to prize fund. If no Iron Man is achieved inside your division, Iron Man funds will be split across all other Iron Man totals evenly across divisions that did have this achieved. IF NO IRON MAN IS ACHIEVED ACROSS ALL DIVISIONS, then IRON MAN money will be added to division prize fun ...
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