Mike Horak

Colorado, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Mike's aces

Mike has posted 4 aces.
Picture of Hole_12 Hole 12 at Edora Park · Fort Collins, CO
January 25, 2015 with a ESP Crank
5 witnesses
Hole 12B set at 352"-Skip-flipped in! JJ was with and several others
Picture of Hole_20 Hole 20 at Paco Sanchez Park · Denver, CO
July 29, 2013 with a ESP Surge
2 witnesses
Playing with Trevor and Zach; last round before Zach moved to become a moonshiner! 230 foot forearm skip ace off the bike path.
Picture of Hole_7 Hole 7 at Edora Park · Fort Collins, CO
August 8, 2010 with a ESP Zone
2 witnesses
Around 150 feet; Frick and Frack present
Picture of Hole_4 Hole 4 at Edora Park · Fort Collins, CO
July 9, 2010 with a ESP Wasp
3 witnesses
186 foot Ace, Isaac was with and 2 others