Mike Horak

Colorado, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Mike's reviews

Pioneer Park DGC › February 19, 2015
Course Layout is nice; switching from long holes in a groomed park to a tight wooded back 9; which has some redundancy however with 4 short putter run holes that have tight lanes to the hoops. Course design forces you to throw many different shots which adds to the challenge of this course. Course needs concrete tee pads and better signage for the rating to be an A.
Hughes Stadium Course › September 6, 2014
Jellystone Camp and Resort › August 19, 2014
Colorado Heights University › August 17, 2014
Paco Sanchez Park › June 21, 2014
Course can play long and demanding-depending on pin settings. There is also plenty and OB and mando's; pay attention to the hole maps. The course is also a very long walk-bring water!
Optimist › March 30, 2013
Course has got a little bit of everything to offer; long holes-short holes, lefty breakers-righty breakers. Holes #1-7 are in a groomed park while #8-24 in heavily wooded natural area. Sweet course-stop by while you go thru Ft Morgan it's worth a stopover. Get course directions(map) it can be confusing which is why I did not give it an A+ rating
Timnath Reservoir › November 14, 2012
Elevated Tee Pads and course unjulation are the only saving graces to this course. Also the fact nobody is ever here. Basket #1 is missing so I play to #9 Basket instead then carry on to hole #2,etc. Tee Pads are gravel/blacktop mix-they are terrible. No markings or disances provided. Pro tee pads on Holes #5,6,9 to add some distance on holes. There is a port-a potty though! It is usually windy and watch out for snakes!
Rice Elementary School › November 6, 2012
Tee pads are gravel-needs improvement. Course is split into 2 seperate nine hole courses divided by interstate, having to drive to each course. Signage is very basic; I added in some tough O.B. lines to make course more difficult. Gave a B- rating due to course has some long holes and wind is usually howling which makes the course a tough play. Great to have another course to throw at in Northern Colorado with no crowds, and work on my wind game.
Rocky Mountain Village › September 15, 2012
Course is challenging with narrow lines you have to hit to score low and avoid bogeys. Many forearm drives off the box. Only negatives are poor signage and tee pads are too short or are natural.
Edora Park › November 9, 2013
Boltz Jr. High School › September 7, 2012
Camenisch ParkBlair Witch › July 8, 2012
Sweet 9-holer located in heavy woods, that is short and technical. Not very well marked and tee pads dirt. B rating was generous because of the poor markings and pads;the layout and thick foilage make it fun and gave postives for course rating.
Camenisch ParkBadlands › July 8, 2012
Nice long course with unjulation and a nice set of woods runing thru middle of course. Sweet pro tee pad with big drive over the lake!
Johnny Roberts › July 8, 2012
Short, technical, and fun-but too busy of a park.
YMCA of the Rockies › June 13, 2012
Beaver Ranch › September 28, 2014
Best course in Colorado! Beaver Ranch has it all; Great 23 hole Course, Putting Course and Pro Shop. Course has large concrete tee pads, log benches and good hole signage. Course utilizes several mando's and has a great layout making players use every shot in their bag. Course is heavily wooded and hilly-Plan on watching your disc roll downhill atleast once! Pro Shop sells discs, gear and clothing. They also have food and drinks available-credit cards accepted!!! Putting Course was a blast and served as a good warm up and cool down.
Sundance Trail Ranch › May 8, 2012
Great Course would've given A+ if had better tee pads. Course layout is great and requires multiple shot types.
Oxbow › January 21, 2013
Nice course I gave it only a B rating, due to only having 12 holes. Layout is nice requiring multiple shot types. Do not play after heavy rain course gets soupy. Not very busy just watch out for the Larpers!(LAIRE People)
Ghost Town › April 22, 2012
Cool short technical course with plenty of O.B. Played thru old mine ruins; only gave a B rating becuz of several homemade baskets. Landscape and scenery is very appealing. Course layout is nice and hole markings are good enough.
The Outback › April 15, 2012
Sweet layout, OB everywhere! Gotta have every shot in your bag. Risk-Reward Course!