Mickey Anderson

Ohio, USA Righty - backhand

Mickey's reviews

Painesville Recreation Park › July 4, 2015
Love it, we just finished this week installing the first nine! Nine more to come. Bring your guts for the lake shot, lots of trees and the scenic Grand River!
Osborne Park Disc Golf › January 6, 2011
9 holes on a beautiful Lake Erie setting! 1 throws across a field to the basket ,then 2,3,and 4 are along the Lake (keep them right ) hike up the hill and tee off at 5 which throws to a large historic tree. 6 throws out into the field, through a few trees. 7 is straight across a large field ,then into the woods for a dogleg right (8).9 throws through a row of woods. A great 9 hole course or play twice for 18! 3 or 4 tourneys throughout the year . Throw for the Birds in May ,summer fling and Ice bowls thrown in 2010. Restrooms avail in good weather !
Page Park › November 23, 2010
Got the pleasure to play when we visited Ct. I had a hard time finding the beginning of the course and parking lot ,but once I did I had a blast ! A shorter 9 hole course with tons of elevation and trees,and a great creek which runs through the middle. I really enjoyed playing it and left feeling good at a +2 because of the many trees. I snuck away from our hotel in Hartford early morning and still got back for Breakfast ! beautiful scenery Looks like its expanded since I played ??