Justin Smith

North Carolina, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Ace 5/1/07
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-13 44
Feb 25 '21
Old Siler Farm · Franklin, NC
Standard odd/long, 18 holes
-10 47
Oct 27 '20
Old Siler Farm · Franklin, NC
Standard odd/long, 18 holes
-12 45
Oct 24 '20
Old Siler Farm · Franklin, NC
Standard odd/long, 18 holes


Justin Smith    April 9, 2020 at 4:11pm

Everyone stay safe out there! This virus is airborne, so masks are the most effective line of defense, and an imperative when going into public spaces. It doesn't get through skin well so gloves are optional, but wash your hands after handling anything communal. Get some disinfecting wipes and use them on all your commonly touched things: steering wheel, door handles, bag straps, belts, wallets, credit cards, and try not to handle cash money at all or wear gloves if you do. The virus stays ... more


Justin Smith    January 18, 2020 at 11:55pm

I got a pocket full of Rocs and I'm ready to rock.
Who wants to go crush some courses with me?


Justin Smith    January 11, 2020 at 1:10pm

I am going to try to bring disc golf to the Nantahala National forest area of western North Carolina.
So, I have started up Highlands Disc Golf Society Highlands,NC; a club for locals and traveling slingers. I want to help build some courses in my area, and one day host tournaments. Help and advice appreciated


Justin Smith    January 1, 2020 at 3:31pm

I am the 2004 Am champ of the Rocket City Blast, Huntsville, AL. I'm back after fourteen long years of recovering from a career-ending injury to my shoulder just as I was about to go pro in 2005. I have some new discs and courses to learn. I am new to the Nantahala area of Western NC, and am looking for a buddy who wants to team up and train for the pro tour.

PDGA# 131329


Star Destroyer


Ricky Wysocki Dino Destroyer actually, I use it for straight shots into the wind, saki bombs, and anything I darn well choose

Star Destroyer


tail wind sabots

Star Destroyer

163g - new


Star Firebird


hard turns

Star Leopard

163g - new

medium S shots and annies

GStar Sidewinder

163g - new



163g - new

star plastic, fairway drives

Star Tern

163g - new

long stuff

Star Tern

148g - used

starlite, uphill straight shots, or annies

Star Vulcan

167g - beat

actually pro plastic, rollers, pop up pipe shots

Star XCaliber

166g - new

late turning shots

Star Thunderbird

163g - new

fairway, stable drives

Glow Roc

180g - worn

short shapes

DX Roc3

180g - used

midrange stuff

GStar Roc3

180g - new

left finishing short shots

DX Aviar

168g - beat

all putts within 100 feet

GStar Aviar

175g - new

big bead driver putter, I use it for short drives, stable approches, secret weapon type stuff

XT Aviar

168g - new

big bead for more stability into the wind

Favorite clubs

Favorite courses

Arnette Park · Fayetteville, NC
Ashe County Park · Jefferson, NC
Barnet Park · Kinston, NC
Borderland State Park · Easton, MA
Bradford Park · Huntersville, NC
Brahan Springs Park · Huntsville, AL
Brazos Park East · Waco, TX
Cameron Park East · Waco, TX
Eagle Creek · Clayton, GA
Fountain Hills Park · Fountain Hills, AZ
Grand Central Station · Central, SC
Heritage Park · Andrews, NC
Highland Park · North Wilkesboro, NC
Hornets Nest Park · Charlotte, NC
Idlewild · Burlington, KY
Jackson Park · Hendersonville, NC
Krokhol DGC · Oslo, Norway
Mastin Lake · Huntsville, AL
Mazarick Park · Fayetteville, NC
Meeks Park · Blairsville, GA
Monte Sano State Park · Huntsville, AL
Nevin Park · Charlotte, NC
Old Siler Farm · Franklin, NC
Owens Field Park · Columbia, SC
Reedy Creek Park · Charlotte, NC
Renaissance Park · Charlotte, NC
Richmond Hill · Asheville, NC
Riverside Park · Cartersville, GA
Robert L. Smith Park · Charlotte, NC
Sertoma Field · Walhalla, SC
Stumpy Creek · Mooresville, NC
Veterans Memorial Park · Florence, AL
Waynesville DGC · Waynesville, NC
Winthrop University · Rock Hill, SC
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