Tony Flowers  › 2021 Ladies & Gents Mixed Doubles presented by Throw Pink & Disc Baron   December 21 at 4:52am

When registration opens up, do both team members need to register or does only one need to register for the team?

Vern Weygandt   December 21 at 1:11pm

Hi Tony. Players will need to register together (one registration).

Sara Sinclair   December 21 at 1:47pm

That's right. Thanks, Vern!

Vern Weygandt   December 21 at 4:47pm

D’oh! Sorry for answering in your place, Sara! I got an email notification about this and thought it was our Throw Pink mixed doubles event...that is eerily similar to yours. ;p

Tony Flowers   December 22 at 1:12am

Thank you!

Tony Flowers   December 23 at 2:24am

Sara, is it $50 per player, or $50 per team? It says two different things on the About page.

Sara Sinclair   January 2 at 2:51am

Sorry about that, I wasn't getting notifications! It is $50 per team.