Scott Elam  › Upstate Classic   September 7 at 11:01pm

AM55 disappears from list of divisions??? Ugh. Why the change?

Scott Elam   September 7 at 11:02pm

I skipped local tourney now full because this had AM55 division.

Keith Overstreet   September 7 at 11:42pm

I'll join you at MA55 if they put it back, Scott.

Todd Lion   September 8 at 12:04am

People seem to enjoy the 40/50/60 split more than the 40/55 split. I switched to 40/55 a couple of years ago and I don’t think it worked out as well as I was hoping for.

Keith Overstreet   September 8 at 12:14am

I go to MA60 on January 1st. Yeah...I think....

Scott Elam   September 8 at 12:34pm

I understand changing as needs arise... what I don't get is changing the divsions AFTER the tournament is listed with divisional breakouts on dgscene. Folks that plan tournaments months in advance watch this closely. No biggie. I was just hoping for some nice B-Tier points in AM55 and that division was listed on here for months and then only changed the week before registration opened.

Todd Lion   September 8 at 3:28pm

At least as far as your points are concerned, your "primary division" in the eyes of the PDGA is MA55. Any and all points you earn in any amateur division will count toward qualifying you in the MA55 division. In some tournaments it might be advantageous for a player to finish middle of th ... more

Scott Elam   September 9 at 12:30pm

Not for the end of year points title Todd... Only MA55 points go towards the obelisk. :)