CCDG Sunday Random Doubles   July 16 at 9:45pm

Mask Required for SRD Check In!

For the time being any Cap City event that requires check-in (currently ONLY Sunday Random Doubles) will now require all those wishing to play in the event to have a mask on during the check-in. We place your health and the health of all other players above our need to run the league and with that, if do not have a mask on for check-in you will need to get one.

Once cards have been set and players are on their way to their holes masks may be removed if you can maintain the required 6 feet of social distancing the state has requested. Masks are optional during play and are not required.

If after the round is over and there is a gathering to discuss scores either maintain 6 feet of distance or put your mask back on.

Thank You for following this new temporary requirement at CCDG events! --- this requirement is NOT up for debate.