eric wernet  › Cleveland Rock   September 3, 2012 at 4:49pm

Firstly, thank you all for the wonderful words and comments. As Rick pointed out in his suggestions for the future, due to a huge number of drops the week of the event and (the field was 88 at one point, reduced to 60 day of), the CLE Rock in the future will be a strictly payed pre-registration event. As I am sure many of you are aware, not only do tournaments require people power, there is an outlay of money that is needed to make things happen. While our club will never get rich running this tournament, we are counting on the "revenues" to offset the cost of the tourney and to hopefully be left with a couple of hundred extra dollars to do ongoing course improvements. Due to the heavy fall off, this year's tourney barely covered itself. Lessons learned.

On the other hand, thank you all to who contributed and made this event run so smoothly. Gyo and Schwartz busted their butts last week to put in our first 13 alternate pin placements and we will continue to invest what money we have in to completing the rest of the first round of alt pin placements, hopefully before the snow flys or at least in the Spring. Thank you to Eric and Katie for making the payouts at the end of the tournament run so well. Thank you Marky Mark Thompson for contributing your time and talent in making this year's lunch both enjoyable and a culinary joy! Thank you to Hole 8 Disc Golf, Catfish and Spiggy for making the Player Pack disc distribution run so well and thank you to Mel for helping me throughout the day.

We have a wonderful group of players here in EUCLID! and throughout NEO and beyond who continue to add to and contribute to our scene. Thank you to the 60 players who showed yesterday and who made (and make) this event such a wonderful one to run. Hopefully we will see you return next year and we will be back to a max field of players. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to see full cards and a full field turning your home course into an event!