John Minicuci  › Sunnybrook Spring Fling 2012 MPM, MA1, MA3, MG1, Juniors   April 27, 2012 at 5:32am

Shouldn't be a problem. Al told me they have a small 12 person golf league that goes out at 10 am. They tee off every 6 minutes so by 10:25 they should be out on the course. Our disc golf course spans the Orange and Green courses (9 holes each). They also have a Red 9 hole course as well. If they make the turn and are on one of our disc golf holes, use the same etiquette you would on any course and allow them the play through. The ball golfers are not ready for us to overtake their stomping grounds - yet! ;-D Al in the clubhouse is expecting disc golfers and he's pretty cool. Have fun!