John Minicuci  › Sunnybrook Spring Fling 2012 MPM, MA1, MA3, MG1, Juniors   April 26, 2012 at 2:52am

Rob Stivers has the Fly Pads from Starr Park in his trailer. I asked Sunnybrook if we can keep them there permanently to use for the disc golf course and he had no problem with it. There are approximately 10 of them. Starr will not be needing them any longer as cement will be going in hopefully by the weekend. Rob also has 4 baskets that need to be assembled. I have 3 that also need to be assembled. I am working an event at the GM Tech Center all day tomorrow but hopefully in between sessions I will be able to meet either Rob, Andy, or Chris at Lowes on Van Dyke to give them the 3 baskets and flags so they can begin staking out the course. I imagine most festivities will begin around the 10 am time frame give-or-take a little.