Kyle Austin  › Shore Acres Disc Golf Club   June 2, 2014 at 1:25pm


Played Shore Acres this past weekend (6/31/14) for the first time and loved the park. However, I lost a custom stamped Discraft Z Zone along the way (not sure which hole) that I'd love to get back if anyone found it.

It's a unique disc, one I just recently got out of a misprint pack. Semi-transparent white with a custom tourney stamp on the front, gold saying something about a 40th birthday or something with a bunch of names around it, Dano being the one I remember.

Other unique thing about the disc is that it has a "Crztal Challenger" stamp on the underside, despite the fact that it's a zone.

No name or number on the disc, but as you can tell from the details I've provided, I can identify it readily. Will pay $10 plus shipping costs to whomever is kind enough to return it. Please call or text 616-550-7793 with any info.