Chris Booker  › Capital City Renegades   May 23, 2014 at 11:59pm

Hi CCR.. I put together a little spread sheet of scores For Singles League. Its by no means official and should only be used for reference. Matt and the CCR staff have complete control of how rounds are scored and your ranking in your division. Divisions are clickable at the bottom of the spread sheet. Its setup to drop your lowest score for every 5 weeks. 2 drops for thur 10, 3 drops thur 15 and 4 drops thur 20. If you see and error in your scores please PM me and ill get them fixed. If Matt or any other staff member want me to remove this link, i will do so at great haste. Any suggestions on what youd like to see or to make the spreadsheet better please let me know.. Thanks

This will be updated every week after Matt post scores. Thanks Matt for all you do for Disc golf.