2nd Round Saturday Vienna Dubs   May 18, 2014 at 8:02am


Big thanks to Mark Kruse, Dynamic Disc's, Zonk Disc's, Dave Lassen, Jesse Whitlock, Mark Ellis & Harvey Drouillard for helping make today an awesome day. Mark Kruse was available to vend and also donated some great plastic for the CTP's, Dave Lassen brought down his leagues ace pool of over $700, unfortunately nobody hit it. Jesse Whitlock helped Tim cook all of our delicious bacon cheddar burgers and Mark Ellis for talking about Michigan State Finals and Harvey Drouillard for donating an autographed calendar for our CTP's. I also wanted to thank everyone that made it out today for joining us. Top spot 1st round was a -15/39 by Chris Woj & Wade Calvert 2nd Geoff Bennett & Brian Virsila -11/43 3rd Jay Binienda. & Adam Schneider #2 -11/43 Ctp winners were Mark Manard, Jason Adamski, Taggert Anderson, Ben Ballard, James Johnstone, Adam Schneider #2, Wade Calvert & Jay Binienda
2nd Round
1st place went to Dustin St. Aubin & Dee Rose in a 5 hole playoff over Geoff Bennett & Mike Stratford -12/44 2nd Geoff Bennett & Mike Stratford 3rd Dave O'shea & Nathan Bandon -11/43
Ctp winners were Jeff Hepler, Taggert Anderson, Tim St. Aubin, Dustin St. Aubin & Mike Stratford
Thanks again for everyone that came out today! It was a blast! Peace.....