Capital City Renegades   April 12, 2014 at 6:24am

Okay... Tag update!

Many of you have seen posts or heard me speak of implementing a point system for tags this year. While this is something I truly want to do, we will NOT be doing any sort of point system for tags.
There are many reasons why we are not doing points... a lot of it has to do with how much of a logistical and statistical nightmare it would be with over 90 Tags floating around... much of it has to do with overall fairness since many of our Club members can only play one round a week (league), thereby lessening their chances of accumulating enough points to put them where their skill set might place them come finals. Then you have the guys who play everyday and could easily accumulate enough points just by playing a challenge everyday without actually winning the challenge itself.
But tags do matter! For the tag finals this year, we WILL play Matchplay. The tag you come into the finals with dictates what seed you are. In the mean time, tag challenges throughout the summer will be what they have always been, a fun way to compete without actually having money on the line... just your tag (and pride).
I do want to see the tags circulating more. Soon we will begin a standing 1pm tee time at Burchfield for tag challenges. If you show and have a tag, you must put it on the line. So if 10 people show, 10 tags are on the line. If the interest is there, a $5 side bet may be placed... but this is primarily a fun group tag challenge. Of course, you are not required to have a tag to play these Sunday rounds, we always welcome anyone who wants to golf with us! But if you have a tag, it is required you put it on the board.
Also, there will be more rounds during Wednesday singles that will be shorter layouts (i.e. rounds where we all tee at 6pm instead of the flex starts) so I encourage everyone to put their tags up during Singles league. Wednesday leagues are not a required tag challenge... just highly encouraged!