2nd Round Saturday Vienna Dubs   April 3, 2014 at 7:34am

Opening Day April 5th

New this year!
Berths to Michigan State Championships in Ludington, MI. Aug 30-31, 2014
$15 Membership fee. Membership money will be used for our end of year pig roast and awards.
Only paid members will be allowed to play for the 50% of the Ace pool and be eligible to be awarded State Berths.
State Berths will be awarded to the point leader of the 1st and the 2nd round and the combined leader of both, the last day for berths points will be July 25th. If the berth winner can't attend or has a berth already, the berth will go to the next eligible person in line.

Also we need a club logo, for all those artistic players out there please put some of your skills to work and design a logo for us. I'd like it to have the est. date on it 2011 and "VIENNA PARK DISC GOLF CLUB"
I'm not set on the club name, so if anybody has any suggestions on a new club name please tell Tara or Tim, I do want to leave Vienna Park in the name, since it's my home.....
See you all on Saturday