HMDG Pre-Spring 2014   March 9, 2014 at 8:43am

March 8th results

Awesome Day. After running the show today, I have a great appreciation for what Jim does every week to keep this league going. Thanks Jim, you were definitely missed this week.

Aaron was the winner of the day, with an even par raw score and a 44 after the handicap adjustment. Jeremy was second, also with a sub-50 score. Randy and Mike tied at 52. Randy took third based on the handicap tie-breaker. Tommy and Joe both shot 2 under for raw scores and since both are scratch golfers, each received fifth place points.Jay came up from Hanford to shoot the course with us for the first time and Jesse returned for his second round to establish his handicap.

Gusting winds made for some unpredictable throws and football in the park forced us to change the configuration of hole 18.

Birdies this week: Joe (4); Tommy, Aaron & Jeremy (3); Jay (2); Randy (1).

Updated penalty shot totals: Mike (11); Jim (9); Aaron (8); Randy (7); Cassie, Tommy & Staci (3); Jeremy, Joe, Jesse & Jay (2).

Jim Cook   March 9, 2014 at 10:43am

Thanks Randy! Sounded like a challenging round. I'll have handicaps updated soon.