Lost Disc Tribe   January 17, 2014 at 6:04pm

Winter League 2013-2014 rules

The following are the Lost Disc Tribe Rules for the Winter League 2013-2014 season:

During a league round all members will be expected to follow PDGA guidelines and be respectful towards other participating members (this includes your doubles partner). Violations of this rule will result first in a warning, but if further violations are committed then a league ban may be instituted for that individual.

The number of players participating in a league round will determine the number of places that will be paid out. 8 or less players pays 1 spot (100% for 1st). 9-17 players pays 2 spots (70% for 1st, 30% for 2nd). 18-26 players pays 3 spots (65% for 1st, 25% for 2nd, 15% for 3rd). 27 or more players pays 4 spots (50% for 1st, 25% for 2nd, 15% for 3rd, 10% for 4th). Numbers will be rounded to reflect whole dollar amounts.

In the event of a tie for cash winnings (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), those winnings will be determined by a CTP hole that will be played to the practice basket from a pre-determined location. There will be no playoffs for any place.

In order to be eligible for points in a league round you must complete the round. If you do not complete the round then you forfeit any entry fee/ace pool/ctp money that you submitted, your name will not be added to the list of participants that played on Disc Golf Scene, and you will not receive any league points for the round. You will also be given the lowest bag tag that is up for grabs that day.

If, during a round, your partner forfeits and you decide to finish the round without him/her, then you will retain your current score and play Cali for the remainder of the round. If your partner leaves and you choose not to finish the round, then you are eligible to receive a refund for your entry fee ($5). Ace pool and ctp money will not be refunded, and you will receive no league points for the round if you choose not to continue.

If you are playing Cali during a round and you get a hole-in-one (ace) on a Cali shot (second shot) from the tee, this does NOT count as an ace towards the ace pool. An ace only counts towards the ace pool for Cali if it is their first shot from the tee. You will still receive a 1 on the hole for a second shot ace, but will not get paid out for an ace. As always, Cali does not pay any extra when playing in our league (even if Cali is chosen or flipped for). There will be no extra league points awarded for an ace during league for anyone.

If you are a tag holder, but did not bring your tag to league play, then you are still eligible for the full ace pool benefits, however you are NOT eligible for the free CTP, and you will not be playing for tags during that league round.

Each round that a tag holder does not bring his/her tag will result in a strike. After three (3) strikes the tag member will receive one (1) penalty stroke that will be accrued during the Winter's End Bag Tag Challenge at the end of the winter season. For every three (3) strikes received, one (1) stroke will be added. This rule is NOT retroactive.

There will be two (2) berths awarded for winners of Winter League Points and one (1) berth awarded to the winner of the Winter’s End Bag Tag Challenge (i.e. the person holding the #1 tag at the end of the challenge). If the person who wins the bag tag challenge has already secured a berth through Winter League Points, then the berth will be awarded to the 3rd place winner of Winter League Points, NOT the #2 tag holder.

If you choose to bring a youth (under the age of 16) to league that is fine, but you will automatically be partnered with that youth. You will both still be responsible for normal league dues. Youth tees will now be set up for each league round.

Female players (over the age of 16) will be entered into the random draw with all the other players, but will also be eligible to play from short tees depending on level of ability (determined by league administrators).

If, during a round, an administrative personnel (Jason Cassidy or Ben Ross) determines that weather conditions are too dangerous to continue, then the round will be stopped and scores will be determined on a fair value system. For instance, if each team has played 12 holes, but only 8 were the same holes, then the scores for those 8 holes will determine the winner.

In order to foster respect for the game of disc golf, intentional cheating in any form will not be tolerated by Lost Disc Tribe. If a group reports that an individual player or team has intentionally cheated during a round (this includes, but is not limited to, pencil whipping, reporting an incorrect score to the score keeper, moving your disc closer to the basket for a better lie, or altering the opposing team's disc in any way) then that group or individual will receive ONE warning. However, if the league administrators deem that the infraction is too severe to warrant only a warning, then that individual(s) may be immediately banned from the Lost Disc Tribe league. If it is determined that only a warning will be issued, then those involved will forfeit their round. This means that those in violation are not eligible for league points or prizes, and will forfeit their league dues/ace pool/ctp monies for the day. If that individual(s) is EVER associated with another intentional cheating infraction, then they will automatically be banned from Lost Disc Tribe league.

If there are any disputes regarding the rules as they are written, or if there is a rule that must be proposed on site due to a new issue, then the league administrators (Jason Cassidy and/or Ben Ross) hold carte blanche over any decision made regarding those disputes.

Ben Ross   January 17, 2014 at 1:15pm

Sorry for the delay in getting these out...we had to tweak a few things. If you have any questions please pm myself or Jason and we can explain anything on here in detail. I will also be bringing a copy of the rules on Sundays for everyone to sign. Thanks!

Bo Fought   January 17, 2014 at 1:33pm


Jason Cassidy   January 17, 2014 at 1:43pm

It's nothing really new or what wasn't already assumed, but it is nice to have it in black and white so there isn't any questions over certain details

Bo Fought   January 17, 2014 at 1:46pm

Says the guy wielding Thor's ban-hammer. :) j/k, I agree with the majority of them.

Hunter S. Dotson   January 17, 2014 at 2:41pm

No bueno los Cha?

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Sound good.

Timmy Redman   January 18, 2014 at 7:56pm

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