Derek Michalak  › Firefighters Park   December 31, 2013 at 1:16am

FREEZEBEE ICE BOWL 2014 - Ok....So here we are again, it's time for everyone to start getting pledges to support the Detroit Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Just like last year, i'm putting up a $50 personal bounty for any one person that can beat my personal best donation of $540 and is the highest contributor this year. All you have to do is raise over $540 and be the highest contributor this year. If I personally raise over $540 and no one beats me i will donate the $50 along with my normal $20 contribution. Sad to say but last year i was only able to bring in $415 and still no one beat me. Come on guys/gals. We all have family and friends out there that like to help out, all it takes is an email, text message or a friendly phone call. Will this be my 5th consecutive win or will someone finally step up and beat me. I need that 5th trophy disc to add to my collection but i will be more than happy letting someone else have it if they can beat me. BRING IT!