Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Doug Allam    2 days ago

Found a disc with no ink on hole 13 about 40-50 feet off the tee. Get back to me if you lost one there.


Mark Jankowski    2 days ago

Found an innova disc on 1, you know the drill.


Mark Jankowski    5 days ago

I found a MVP disc on 7, let me know if you lost it

Trenton Timlin   4 days ago

I am fairly sure I left FF with all of mine, but just in case does it have 92066 or tnt?

Miles smilez Campbell   4 days ago

Smilez inside rim or a green circuit matrix or a pink tesla

Mark Jankowski   4 days ago

thats a negative to both

Matthew Babineaux    March 18 at 11:24pm

Lost an undertaker neon green between 9 and 16 has name and number on it


Stevey Chainmail Collins    March 17 at 2:38pm

I'll be up there this evening to put some ice melt on the pads


Brian "The Brain" Evans    March 7 at 6:44am

... more


Jason Sullivan    March 1 at 7:26pm

Lost a Day Glow Green Z-Wasp Flat top in the river on 18 today about pin high.I hit the ground but the 30+mph winds decided to roll it in. Would love to have it back. It was still brand spankin new and I didn't have my ink on it yet. Please message me if you find it.


Kristen B    February 24 at 7:19pm

Found a disk on Hole 11. No name or number. Had a stamp on it. Name it and I'll give it back.

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Kristen B   February 25 at 11:03am

Not it, sorry.

Ben Jackson   February 26 at 3:27pm

white putter:

Kristen B   February 26 at 7:46pm

Sorry...thats not the one I found

Mark Jankowski    February 24 at 6:46pm

Found a Discraft driver off of 4. You know the drill.

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Mark Jankowski   February 24 at 8:35pm

no sir

Jake Steinbrecher   February 26 at 12:43am

Pink ace race zombee?

Mark Jankowski   February 26 at 3:26pm

no sorry Jake

zach s    February 21 at 12:11am

There were a pair of what looked to be children's glasses at the picnic table at hole one tonight. They were navy blue and looked to be prescription. Just an FYI!

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   February 21 at 10:51pm

Seen the people there yesterday looking for them they were from Chesterfield they were a little 8 year old boys

Ben Jackson    February 18 at 1:25pm

Left a white challenger on 18 by the basket. Reward$$ for return.

Mario Ramirez   February 20 at 2:18am

Check with Jeff hulet

Mario Ramirez   February 20 at 3:41pm


Jeff Hulet    February 18 at 1:14pm

I found 2 discs yesterday in creek. Tell me what you would still be nice if players would put cell # on them.

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Jeff Hulet   February 22 at 5:01pm

No, sorry they had not identification marks on them either. I should have mentioned that too.

Mario Ramirez   February 23 at 5:18am

Sooooo not a nuke or destroyer?

Jeff Hulet   February 24 at 12:56pm


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    February 14 at 1:00am

Troy Anslow broke into my home and stole a lot of my disc collection , so if you have got any discs from him from Sep to now they are most likely mine ,please if anyone know s anything let me know ,thank you


Benny G.    February 11 at 9:02pm

Lost a Tuekey and chains blue destroyer off hole #4. Reward if returned

Jeff Hulet   February 11 at 11:29pm

Is it "Wet"....?

Benny G.   February 12 at 2:57pm


Jeff Hulet   February 18 at 1:14pm

Did you find it?

troy anslow    February 9 at 6:43pm

I lost a destroyer in the river on hole 18 at the tournament last weekend, blue with a custom dye, lots ofy ace ink on the bottom, will hook someone up good for its return!

Tom Wagner   February 11 at 7:39am

I will look today. Anyone know about playing conditions? Pads clear? Snow on the ground?

troy anslow   February 11 at 8:46pm

Havent been sonce the tournament...let me know if you find it ill hook you up!

Mike Curry   February 14 at 8:10am

It's all over social media around here that you broke into someone's house and stole $3000 worth of discs. I wouldn't give you anything but a good old ass kicking you little B! I hope you lose every disc you ever throw!

Paul Doherty    February 6 at 10:38pm

Found a disc in the parking lot at Astro Lanes in Madison Heights. Message me if you or someone you know lost one at the bowling alley!


Ashley Beraty    February 4 at 4:29pm

My blue Innova Beast managed to blend in with the snow on hole 10 today. If anyone finds it, my number is on the back. Thank you! :)

Scott Kuechle   February 8 at 1:09pm

I found your disc ashley

Ashley Beraty   February 9 at 9:35pm

Oh that's awesome! Next time you're at FF, call or text me if you can. I may be up there Saturday. Thanks Scott!

Theresa Benesh    February 3 at 1:02am

LOST a highlighter pink (I believe legacy.. barely used) on hole 7 on Wednesday, and a tie dye Discraft Meteor midrange on hole 10 Thursday (would be around the basket..ish). Some tough luck with this snow the last couple days.

Trenton Timlin   February 3 at 8:42am

Found the meteor, just not real sure where to start with the pink one on 7?

Mario Ramirez    February 2 at 7:48am

Lost a day glo nuke in river on hole 4 last week. Sparkle rainbow stamp no ink. It wld b cool if someone found it. Also found a pair of sun glasses looking for my disc. Not sure how long they have been there. Brand and style and I wld love to return them. Slightly scratched but intact

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Trenton Timlin   February 2 at 11:47am

I will take another look but people suck.

Trenton Timlin   February 2 at 5:22pm

Sorry no luck, but I will keep my eye out.

Mario Ramirez   February 3 at 4:45am

Thank Trenton!

Brandon Ray    January 29 at 1:34pm


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