Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mike Burton    1 day ago

Is the Monday leagues drop in or club?

Will Goeringer   1 day ago

Anybody can show up and play. A member pays $2 to play ($1 play/ $1 Ace Pool), non-members pay $3 to play ($2 play/ $1 Ace Pool)

John Minicuci   1 day ago

Drop in. Hope you can make it. Maybe all 3 of you?

Mike Burton   10 hours ago

We are definitely going to try and make it out there sometime.

Nick Campbell    3 days ago

My friend lost a set car keys to a Pontiac G6. There's a key with a blue key cover and a large bronze key with a square head. If found, call 586-601-8508, or email [email redacted].


Benny G.    June 1 at 1:58pm

Left my yellow dedtroyer out there. Reward if returned

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Benny G.   June 16 at 6:36am

Yellow Destroyer faint ink

Benny G.   June 16 at 6:37am

Its a star yellow destroyer with my signature on the top

Travis Pasinski   June 17 at 1:44am

ok, I didn't find that one.

Jacob P    May 31 at 12:28pm

Hey, lost a red Truth at the last hole the other day. It was above the water high in the trees. Couldn't get to it. Has my initials JP written on it somewhere. Please let me know if it has dropped and you happen to stumble across it. Thanks!

Ben Jackson   May 31 at 4:00pm


Jacob P   May 31 at 4:18pm

hole 18

Ben Jackson   May 31 at 4:24pm

sorry, missed you said "last"

Zac Brigham    May 29 at 8:57pm

Found a blue mid today in the water off 4, tell me what it is and I'll try to get it back to you. No name no number bte5

Andrew Myers   May 29 at 9:13pm

Cryztal buzzz with a B4 tourney stamp?

Zac Brigham   May 30 at 1:10am

Nope, sorry

Casey C    May 28 at 5:17pm

Lost a blue Innova Shark at 16 near the small river yesterday, one of my very few discs. Would love to get it back.


Eric S    May 27 at 4:33pm

My sunglasses popped out of my bag when I was playing today. They look like this ( please give me a call or text if you find gem at (586) 214-6683.


Mark Jankowski    May 23 at 9:59pm

Pulled a discraft out of the river today. You know the drill.

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Mark Jankowski   May 24 at 3:49pm

No to all of the above. Damn that hole has taken a lot of soldiers

Brandon Ray   May 24 at 6:36pm

Challenger z flx or morning wood stamped cryztal?

Larry Koebbe   May 26 at 9:10pm

Memorial crank dyed walker white, clear mini bar stamp zone, bottom stamp cranks purple one pink

Tyler Alfano WPD    May 23 at 9:53am

Lost pink ten year in river on 4. Reward for return

ryan minikey   May 24 at 9:11am

Hmmm might just have to go play in the water today

Mike Neldrett    May 17 at 8:48am

Found a vuse electronic cigarette (i think) on hole 1


Michael Frederick    May 14 at 6:35pm

Lost blizzard boss tie die with glow rings on it. It has my ink on it. Reward for it's safe return.

Michael Frederick   May 14 at 6:36pm

Lost in water on 18 btw

zach s    May 9 at 2:04pm

How wet is the course currently, anyone play recently?

Ron Jacobs   May 9 at 2:06pm

16s fairway is still pretty wet. Other than that it's fine.

zach s   May 9 at 2:07pm

Thanks Ron!

Will Goeringer   May 9 at 2:11pm

Second that

Joe Mattina    May 8 at 7:47am

Red CD2 in the drink on 4 reward for safe return


Sparrow Vandekerckhove    May 6 at 10:11pm

Left a favorite, Metal Flake Red Gold Stamped World's Convict. :c
Reward if found & given back. c:


Adam Mitchell    April 26 at 6:15pm

Yep. Helping my buddy find his disc I left behind my Proto Shryke. Enjoy!!!


Dan B    April 25 at 12:41pm

Lost car key Mazda. Not sure what hole tho!!

Will Goeringer   April 25 at 12:51pm

Not sure if you lost them today, I noticed there was a set of keys hanging by the sign at hole 1

Will Goeringer   April 25 at 12:51pm

That was last night though

Dan B   April 25 at 2:36pm

It was this morning

John Minicuci    April 24 at 11:24pm

A pair of sunglasses were turned in tonight after league ...


Andrew Myers    April 17 at 12:45pm

Lost my cryztal buzzz in the river on hole 4. It's blue and had a tourney stamp. It's got my info inked on it. Reward for its return


Travis Pasinski    April 9 at 6:45pm

I found a disc in between 5 & 6. No ink but will return if you can describe it.

Jason Sullivan   April 20 at 9:16am

Day glow green z wasp with black logo and lettering?

Travis Pasinski   April 25 at 1:31am

Nah. Sorry.

Nate Brown    April 9 at 11:18am

I left behind a glow champ thunderbird name and number on it signature on the front of disc. Reward for return


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