Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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James Ogden    2 days ago

Anyone have an idea what is going on around hole 15?

John Minicuci   1 day ago

Clearing for utility lines.

James Ogden   15 hours ago

Ahh... thanks. Wishful thinking for a new layout or addition to the course!

Randy Forgie    November 29 at 6:27pm

Lost a Dark blue Dynamic Disc Truth , to the left on hole 18. Where the two creeks meet. Message me if found.


Mark Jankowski    November 28 at 1:28pm

Found a unique blue discraft disc on 9/10. Let me know if you lost one.

Benny G.   November 28 at 5:13pm

Does it have pine trees as a stamp?

Mark Jankowski   November 28 at 9:29pm

Yup that's the one. Message me your number and I'll get it back to you

Ryan Kelly    November 9 at 1:14pm

Found a Discraft driver on hole 15 yesterday

Trenton Timlin   November 9 at 2:46pm

Was it an orange buzzingham with TNT on the ring?

Ryan Kelly   November 10 at 12:47am

distance driver

Doug Allam    November 8 at 7:04pm

My buddy lost a blue custom dye Westside Destiny on Hole 5, either in the river, in the bushes or on the other side of the river, couldn't quite see where it went it was almost dark. Hit me up if you find it please, he would love to get it back.


Trenton Timlin    November 8 at 8:46am

I lost an orange buzzz with buzzingham on the top and my initials on the unerside. Lost it in the leaves on hole eleven, not far from the basket.


Ryan Kelly    October 26 at 11:50am

Found a floater in 18 yesterday

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Ryan Kelly   November 18 at 4:18pm


Neal Eiben   7 days ago

Innova factory store XTgumy valk?

Ryan Kelly   2 days ago

dragon dragon dragon

Paul Doherty    October 25 at 7:26pm

Found a pro boss in the river on 4. Lucas MacDormott inked on the back. hmu if you know him, I don't want this disc!


Kristen B    October 25 at 6:22pm

When did they move the basket for hole 7?

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Matt W   October 31 at 1:29pm

Hey John, you sound like kind of a jerk there. You shouldn't be mean to new people with genuine questions.

John Minicuci   November 1 at 8:52am

Hi Matt, I am simply answering the question. No bad intent meant.

John Minicuci   November 1 at 2:54pm

However, if you would like to meet me and discuss this, meet me behind the 9th green at 9 o'clock. Oh, and wear something nice!

David Tomlinson    October 25 at 5:24am

I left my predator out there yesterday. It's a green / yellow 4 point . It has my info on the rim, it might be faded, but it has a shadow figure drawing on the the top in green sharpie. Reward for return.

Ron Jacobs   October 25 at 9:14am


David Tomlinson   October 27 at 8:26am


Sparrow Vandekerckhove    October 23 at 8:14pm

3 discs disappeared out of my bag after throwing on Friday night. A Yellow Riot, Yellow AJ Destroyer, & a Yellow Murder Mitten disc golf River. Sigh...
Completely bewildered as to how they fell out if they did. Help a brother out if you found them, so dissappointed, reward.

Matt W   October 24 at 9:55pm

I found the Riot! It's totally safe. Don't worry.

Ryan Kelly   October 25 at 4:30pm

happen to find a yellow teebird?

Matt W   October 25 at 9:14pm

I'll keep you informed the moment I come across any yellow star teebirds.

Jeff Novak    October 16 at 6:27pm

I lost a green blizzard Katana in the river on 18. Reward


Ben Jackson    October 15 at 3:59pm

Found an unmarked xs in stream on 18. The stream in front of teepad slight right. Let me know if it's yours what plastic and color. Looks like it has been there a long time


Marc Tokie WPD    October 9 at 8:57am

Lost neon green wolf pack stamped destroyer on 18 Monday leagues, in the water or over! REWARD for return!

Amanda Forgie   October 13 at 5:47pm

Found! we'll be at the park tonight. But it's red?

Doug Allam    October 7 at 2:56pm

Found a putter with no ink on hole 16 fairway yesterday, Thursday 10/6. Describe it and you can have it back. It seemed like it might have fallen out of someones bag.


Mark Jankowski    October 4 at 4:20pm

Left a red leopard on 16, and an ace race towel


Willy Lange    September 29 at 8:04pm

Lost glow avenger ss on 18 left side before fence out by the peninsula where the two creeks meet. Name and number on underside


Brandon Ray    September 26 at 8:52pm

Found an Innova driver in the creek on 18. Name color and mold and I'll be happy to to return it.

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Brandon Ray   October 5 at 6:24am

Nope sorry

Benny G.   October 25 at 7:29am

Red star boss?

Brandon Ray   October 25 at 8:19am

Already returned the one I found

James Ogden    September 23 at 1:50pm

Found a DX disc in the water by 10's teepad. I believe it belongs to a school group. If anyone knows how to get ahold of the person who runs the group, please let me know.


ilya newell    September 22 at 12:42pm

Left a blue Relay out there day. Email on rim. All the groups behind me didn't see it....
Reward if someone decides to return.


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