Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Keith Collins    2 days ago

found a dx teebird right side of hole 15.....


Eric Parmentier    5 days ago

I lost a purple and pink Avenger on hole 4 in the river to the left. Ace markings on it.



John Hamel    July 12 at 1:29pm

Found a star lite between 3s basket & 4s teepad


Chase Lamere    July 12 at 4:26am

Did anyone find a red leopard on hole 15 today?


Ryan Kelly    July 4 at 3:49am

Found pink driftwood creek drink koozie

Jake Steinbrecher   July 11 at 1:20pm

It may or may not have been left there intentionally for you to find lol.

Chris Grogis    July 3 at 3:51pm

Lost a new dyed wraith on 17 by river yesterday when retrieving another disc


Billy R    July 1 at 1:51pm

Yo whats with the leagues on Sunday. These leagues are getting ****ing ridiculous. Totally impossible to play this course anymore. Every time Im up there i ask league players when the tournaments are and they say Monday and Wednesday but there obviously every god damn day. Have some etiquette for the fellow disc golfer.

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Jon Camp   July 1 at 2:29pm

If you even want to call it a league lol

Jon Camp   July 1 at 2:30pm

That goofy guy needs to take a break on this “match play” must be real fun when you win your own couple person league every time

Daymon Pugh   July 1 at 10:44pm

Come up there Wednesday and we will give you all the tissue you need

Samantha Gilbert    June 30 at 2:14pm

LOST——- Hole 18 — White #1 Helix (145g) and DayGlow Green Blizzard Destroyer (Gale Vaughn 5155 edition). Thought I cleared the water (to the right of the bridge) but discs were no where to be found.

Forrest Omland   July 4 at 5:01pm

We found your white helix on #18 today. 231-350-3660

Eric McCahill    June 29 at 2:38am

Black n yellow XT Nova in the river on 18 yesterday. Wiz Khalefa signed so it’s very special to me jk would like to see it back though, ya know?


Zachary Garsh    June 28 at 1:03pm

Lost a pink pinnacle patriot on 4 yesterday. Went to look for it this morning to no avail. Name and number on rim. I did also find 6 others. 3 people have been texted already. The rest have no info on them so name the mold/color.

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Zachary Garsh   June 30 at 5:11am

No mambas sorry

Samantha Gilbert   June 30 at 2:01pm

White #1 Helix (145g) and DayGlow Green Blizzard Destroyer (Gale Vaughn 5155 edition

Zachary Garsh   June 30 at 2:07pm

None of the above sorry.

John Hamel    June 28 at 1:23am

lost a light blue pro boss on hole 18 in the river inked jlh7443 on rim

mike walker   June 28 at 1:37pm

Gone for ever

TN T   June 29 at 4:04pm


Daymon Pugh    June 28 at 12:03am

Pink magnet hole 4 in river info on it

Jamie The Sauce Mosier   June 28 at 12:32pm


Shaun Adkins   June 28 at 12:47pm

Bad drive + bad upshot?

Daymon Pugh   June 28 at 3:45pm

Running the up trying to stay perfect

Brandon Ray    June 8 at 7:34pm

Found a putter by 10's basket. Texted the number on it and it was a wrong number

Miles McLaughlin   June 8 at 7:42pm

Was it mvp or axiom?

Brandon Ray   June 9 at 12:56pm


Will Goeringer    June 6 at 12:07pm

Pretty sure my grey quarter zip fell off my cart after Monday night leagues. Either in the parking lot or the field next to it and the baseball diamond. Anybody find it?


Ronny Schuster    June 5 at 10:49pm

Lost a yellow Quantum Orion LS on the last hole 2-3 weeks ago. It may have gotten wet, but I'm not 100% sure. Would love to get it back.


Nick B    June 4 at 9:43pm

Found a discraft hole 15 about 60ft from basket close to hole 16 tee. Name the Color, plastic and mold. Im happy to return it!

Nick B   June 5 at 3:11am

Returned to owner. Karma is a good thing guys, return lost plastic!

Stevey Chainmail Collins    June 2 at 9:35pm

Found one by the basket on 16

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Stevey Chainmail Collins   June 5 at 11:40pm


Travis Pasinski   June 16 at 11:57pm

green orc?

Stevey Chainmail Collins   June 26 at 8:36pm was a putter. Custom stamp.

Curtis RumRunnr Stimac    May 30 at 1:30am

lost in the creek on 18 "Champ Roc3" Green has @rum_runnr on inside ring. would like it back if you find it. Thank you

Curtis RumRunnr Stimac   May 30 at 1:44am

send me a text if you find it 8105160627

Garrett Noechel    May 25 at 1:17am

Also lost a yellow millennium on hole 10 I think? Right before the ace hole off to the right....not a good day lol 5862565276


Garrett Noechel    May 25 at 12:56am

Lost a blue nuke on 14 of the front. First disc I ever bought lol 5862565276


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