Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mitsuaki Murashige    1 day ago

Played in the rain today. Threw yellow Defender into muddy creek. Could not find it. Possibly washed down creek.

Stevey Chainmail Collins   1 day ago

after you guys left it was beautiful for the rest of the tournament. wish you could of stayed. thanks for coming out and supporting.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD    July 12 at 11:10am

Left a pink putter out there last night a leagues , REWARD for her return .


Andrew Bleecker    July 5 at 7:56pm

Lost a purple mantis on 18 in the creek. Anybody grab it?


Mike Neldrett    July 5 at 2:36pm

Left behind a clear prodigy f3 on hole 14 or 15 (i think) yesterday

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Mike Neldrett   July 5 at 11:23am

Thanks, ill mrssag

Mike Neldrett   July 5 at 11:23am

message him & ask

Skyler Stoker   July 5 at 3:37pm

Name wasn't on it it's his to keep right?

Chester Brown III    July 5 at 1:11pm

Lost a purple metal flake champion Katana on hole #18 during the Three Course Challenge Sunday. Hit the bush to the right of the bridge and thought it kicked through. It did not. Reward for return. Thanks.


carson parm    July 2 at 9:03am

Hey everyone, on July 30th our club will be holding a tournament at Kensington. It is our 4th year running this tournemnt and all of the profits go to cancer research. The tourney is held in memory of our dear friend who passed away from this horrible disease. Check out the flyer on the tourney page.. We've got some great swag for player packs.. Glow crushes, cryztal LE drones.. And much more... AND Great payouts. Projected division (subject to change due to turn out) open, am1,2,3,4, ladie ... more


Neal Eiben    July 2 at 3:01am

Found a mid range disc on hole 13. Was around 6pm when I found it. Looks used...NO NAME, NO NUMBER.
Plastic brand mold and color.... .....

James Ogden   July 1 at 11:12pm

White DX Roc?

Neal Eiben   July 2 at 1:18am

No sorry, bud....

Neal Eiben   July 2 at 1:19am

Update: I found a faded name looked like it said Robert written on the inner rim

Bill Benoit    June 28 at 2:54pm

Found a purple disc on 18 (Not the Undertaker posted below) no name or number.. Describe it and I'll get it back to you.

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Bill Benoit   June 28 at 8:16pm

Negative on the proton & inertia

Brian Fahnestock   June 28 at 8:53pm

Blizzard Kitana I hope? Pretty sure I had it marked though.

Bill Benoit   June 28 at 10:43pm

Possible, messaged you for more details.

Chris Leo    June 28 at 10:38am

Left behind a Undertaker on 18, across the river at the base of the bush. It was a purple color. No name/number. Forgot to grab it after my throw.

Chris Leo   June 28 at 6:38am

Has the DGLO stamp on it

Bill Benoit   June 28 at 10:52am

Just took a look around the river on 18. No luck.

mat stivers   June 29 at 12:11pm

good job chris

Rob Dahmen    June 28 at 1:40am

Lost a bronze color metal mini somewhere between 2 & 13 during Monday Night League. Reward if found.

Derek Michalak   June 27 at 10:01pm

I got it, found at 11's tee pad.

Jeff Hulet    June 22 at 6:08pm

I found a disc in creek near hole 1 Sunday. Name it and I will meet you.

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Stevey Chainmail Collins   June 22 at 2:49pm

Yellow crank ss

Ron Jacobs   June 22 at 3:57pm

Swirly Star roc3

Ken Kilbreath   June 25 at 9:58pm

Discraft orange in clour. Ken CliMO distance driver. Reward if found.

Jeff Hollinger WPD    June 21 at 12:46pm

lost a blue/purple jolly launcher teebird3 on hole 4 in the drink. Name/# on back. $Reward$ if returned.


Brandon Ray    June 19 at 12:48am

Found a discraft driver of hole 18.

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Brandon Ray   June 19 at 8:16am

Nope sorry

Jeff Novak   June 19 at 11:18am

I lost a yellow z Force there a few weeks ago

Brandon Ray   June 19 at 2:17pm

Nope sorry

Justin Nellis    June 18 at 3:02am

Heyo! Reward for a a Yellow F2 Champ BOSS yesterday. My Pdga #81321 is on it.

Justin Nellis   June 17 at 11:02pm

*Lost yesterday

Joe Mattina   June 23 at 1:18pm

Got you bud

James Ogden    June 16 at 5:03pm

Just shake an orange champ viking towards the river on 18. 3 of us looked for 30 minutes but cannot find it. Would like this one back. Reward for it's return.

Jonboy S   June 16 at 5:09pm

Hey man I got you ill be at star this evening if you'd like to grab it from me there

James Ogden   June 16 at 8:29pm


Ron Jacobs    June 16 at 3:14pm

Left behind a brand new swirly star roc3 last night. No ink.


James Ogden   June 16 at 1:04pm

Just walked the course while I was out, didn't see it. Sorry.

Sean Halloran    June 13 at 7:28pm

Lost a GBO stamp white Verdict on 4 in the water, if anyone finds it I'd love it back.


Brandon Ray    June 11 at 1:39pm

Left a yellow z flx challenger on hole 1 right before tournament started this morning.
Name and number on it.

Brandon Ray   June 11 at 4:10pm

Cash reward

David Tomlinson    June 9 at 1:33am

I found one in the creek on hole 4 today. Let me know what it is and I will be happy to return it to you.

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Neal Eiben   June 17 at 12:20pm

Starlite tern?

Neal Eiben   June 17 at 12:21pm

Light Blue swirl color

David Tomlinson   June 17 at 2:45pm


Jeff Novak    June 7 at 9:59pm

Left a yellow Z Force on 18 on Friday down the river bank. Name and number on it. Reward for its return


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