Discin In The Dark 2013   November 26, 2013 at 11:18am

Glow Disc Golf / Snow Disc Golf all in one!

Well, that was certainly unexpected . . . I had no idea we would wake up to an inch or more of snow when I went to bed last night . . . either I didn't pay attention or the weathermen were just plain wrong. Either way, Scott Slauson helped me out by bringing his sled and salt and shovel since my vehicle was filled with discs, trophies, lizard prizes, etc . . . and we played a round before league and shovelled and salted the teepads so we would have at least decent conditions tonight.

Thank you Scott for the help with the teepads and salt . . . it is always appreciated. Scott has probably done as much shovelling and salting as I have at VV in the past 3-4 years and it is helpful to not be the only one who helps take care of those teepads in winter.

The standings are listed to the right . . . but what you cannot see is just how awesome it was to have the Open and Intermediate Divisions decided completely based on tonight's scores. I love having multiple people in the hunt and seeing who can rise to the occasion. I am hopeful to continue to have divisional parity . . . where each division has decent attendance and it is anyones game in each division.

With that said . . . I expect my VV leagues to end up with 6 divisions next year. Open, Advanced, Intermediate and Recreational as the main divisions to go alongside the Junior and Womens Divisions (which I would sure love to grow next year too). I love having 10 people in a division, but I would like the divisions to be closer together in scoring moving forward. When discussing VV scoring, Open should be shooting better than (-8) or those people willing to play against better players for cash. Advanced should be shooting (-5) to (-8). Intermediate should be shooting (-1) to (-4) and Recreational should be shooting from Even Par (E) to (+5). I think those are better divisions and you will be grouped accordingly next year, so be forewarned . . . you will be placed based on your past scoring.

Thank you all for being such loyal attendees to this league and all of my leagues. I appreciate the fact that my efforts can draw 20+ people per week and it make sme feel so much better knowing that there is rarely anyone leaving VV angry or upset. We are out there playing a sport where we throw plastic discs through the air, around trees (although sometimes into them), in an attempt to get the plastic disc into a metal chained basket . . . how serious can we take ourselves when you really think about it? Either way . . . disc golf is all about fun and you all make it much more fun for me, so I appreciate the attendance and the help in making sure the leagues run smoothly.

Special thanks go out to Greg Weber, Nick Williams, Brian Williams, Josh Davies, Chad Niezgoda, Mark Olver, and Shaun Kirchner . . . as I know they put in the most time walking out to the farthest point on the course to help with putting the lights out. I know there are others who took the long walk from time to time, but those guys helped out more than anyone else in that regard, so thank you. I appreciate not having to put those lights out hours in advance and risk them all being stolen or broken, so I say thank you to anyone that ever helped put out or bring in those lights!

Discin In The Dark will definitely be back in 2014 . . . it is one of my favorite leagues to run and play . .. I simply love glow disc golf!