Discin In The Dark 2013   November 19 at 10:49am

Updated Adjusted Standings

Divisional Standings (after dropping CURRENT 3 worst weeks)

Open Division

Scott 57

TJ 56.5

Mike 39.5

Bob 38

Drew 37.5

Pat 28.5

Joel 27.5

Intermediate Division

JD 66

Greg 64.5

Keegan 64

Josh 58

Brian 46

Greg 44.5

Chad 38.5


Matt 26.5

Brian 20

Mike 15.5

Peter 10.5

$50 ace pool will be ready for the taking next week. If noone gets an ace we will again split the ace pool up with 50% of the funds going to divisional CTP contests . . . but you must enter the ACE POOL next week to qualify for these contests. The other 50% will go into my growing pool of funds that will be donated to local course development projects.

Brian W   November 19 at 3:47pm

I'm hitting that ace ;-)