DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2013   November 16, 2013 at 2:56am

DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2014Payouts


Just a reminder that the DGLA Michigan Cooperative Point Series will kick off Sunday Nov 24th


All Michigan Disc Golf leagues are elligable to participate. If you want to compete for awards and MDGO - Discraft Michigan State Disc Golf Championship berths, you must be a registered DGLA Player member by Jan 15th. You will get both Winter and Summer for the one time $30.

DGLA has just sent out the award emails. Most ellected to combine Winter and Summer - please respond to the email to indicate how you want to use your portion of the $495.00 payouts. All Player members recieved some level of payout awards.

You also helped grow the Michigan Disc Golf Course Improvement fund which has grown from $120 in 2012, adding $165 in 2013, to $285 - Thank You!

Payout Awards:
DGLA payout awards for the top 40 Players or top 40% of the Players whichever is largest. We have added another partner to provide members additional choices to how to use their award. We will continue to explore new opportunities and your feedback is always welcomed.

How is the payout total calculated? We had 30 player level members in Winter - with $10 of thier membership fee going to the Winter payouts and $5 for Summer payouts. 3 new player level members for Summer each adding in $15.

Look forward to seeing everyone in a league round someplace in Michigan in 2014. Peace to all...

Adam Schneider $15.00
andy steiner $10.00
Ben Ciccarelli $27.00
Bob D. $5.00 $9.00
Daemon Stahlin $22.00
Dale "Llama" Wrobel$52.00
DEEZ "Nf" $7.00
Derek Trinkle $15.00
Foz Miller $10.00
Jake Schooley $10.00
Jamie Mosier $10.00
Jason Adamski $12.00
Jason Kirkaldy $37.00
Jeremy Collins $2.00
Jerry "Chilly" Chilson $25.00
Jim Daniels $12.00
Jimmy Jean $7.00
John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan $12.00
Jon Kind $22.00
Josh "Big Bird" Frisinger $7.00
Lisa Hartman $7.00
matt schooley $10.00
michael howard $12.00
Mike Stratford $30.00
Ron Howard $15.00
samuel smith $56.00
Scott Martinelli $7.00
Scott Sprow $12.00
Scott White $7.00
Tara St. Aubin $2.00
Tim St. Aubin $2.00
Tyler Kind $7.00
Wade Calvert $7.00

Total Awards $495.00

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