Discin In The Dark 2013   November 12, 2013 at 3:20pm

Updated Adjusted Standings


The Leaders:
Scott Slauson 51 points
TJ Webber 51 points

The Contenders:
Mike Harrington 36 points
Bob Bawden 35 points
Drew Retherford 32.5 points

The Door Knockers:
Pat Brah 27 points
Joel Kamoske 26.5 points


The Leaders:
JD Cottrill 61.5 points
Keegan Wenzler 59.5 points
Greg Klein 57.5 points

The Contenders:
Josh Davies 53 points
Brian Allender 47.5 points

The Door Knockers:
Greg Weber 40 points
Aaron Zittnan 37 points
Chad Niezgoda 36.5 points
Shaun Kirchner 34.5 points


The Leader:
Matt Walczak 27.5 points

The Contenders:
Brian Williams 17 points (The displayed point total is wrong)
Mike Wand 15.5 points

The Door Knocker:
Peter Devine 9.5 points


The Leader:
Jessica Evans 14 points

The Contender:
Loriena Harrington 13 points

The Door Knocker:
Tabatha Lewinski 6 points

It will be close in most divisions and it might come down to who wants it bad enough to show up the next two weeks regardless of weather. We had better turnout yesterday than we have had in 4 weeks!