Discin In The Dark 2013   November 10, 2013 at 5:33am


We will not only be playing the normal 18 holes this week . . . we will also be playing 3 additional holes (which were added today) which will be used as permanent winter holes. Since 1, 15, and 18 interfere with the sledding hill (or vice versa) those baskets will be coming out and will be moved down to the new holes (played after Hole #12 and before Hole #13) for the entire winter. We cleaned up all of the fairways, cut down the trees and low branches that impeded the fairways, added gravel and rubber teepads and put the sleeves in the ground with concrete today during the workday along with a few other projects. Scott Slauson and I will be bringing our temporary Mach Lite baskets to be used on those three holes. You will need to have caution walking these fairways initially but I think it is worth the effort to get our baskets down there on Monday. Who is going to shoot the first (-21) is all I want to know?