Discin In The Dark 2013   November 5, 2013 at 11:17am

Current Adjusted Standings

Rather than update everyone on who did what this week I figured it was time to show you where you all stand after the 3 dropped week adjustment.

In Open:
Scott Slauson has 51 points but is dropping only 5 points to be at 46.
TJ Webber has 56.5 points but is dropping 12.5 points to be at 44.
I am currently at 39.5 points but am dropping 8 to be at 31.5
Bob Bawden is at 37 points but only dropping 6.5 to be at 30.5.
Drew Retherford is at 31.5 points but is dropping only 2 to be at 29.5.
Joel Kamoske is at 27.5 points but is dropping 2 to be at 25.5
Patrick Brah is also at 27.5 but is dropping 2.5 to be at 25.
Mike Finley sits at 19 dropping ZERO so he remains at 19.

In Intermediate:
JD Cottrill is sitting at 52.5 dropping ZERO so he is in the lead.
Keegan Wenzler is sitting at 58.5 dropping 9.5 to be at 49.
Greg Klein has 64 points but is dropping a whopping 17 to be at 47.
Josh Davies sits at 50.5 but is only dropping 4 to be at 46.5
Brian Allender sits at 42.5 dropping 3 so he is at 39.5.
Aaron Zittnan is at 37 dropping ZERO to be at 37.
Chad Niezgoda has 36.5 dropping ZERO to be at 36.5
Greg Weber sits at 40 dropping 5 to be at 35.
Shaun Kirchner is at 33.5 dropping ZERO also to be at 33.5
Mark Olver is at 25.5 dropping 2.5 to be at 23.
Nick Williams is at 18 dropping ZERO to be at 18.

In Recreational:
Matt Walczak who has missed the last 3 weeks is at 24.
Mike Wand who also missed the last 3 weeks is at 15.5
Brian Williams who entered the division late is at 15.
Peter Devine has been here every week and is at 8.5.
Jeff Fuchs has also missed the last 3 weeks and is at 7.

In the Women's Division:
Jessica, Loriena, and Tabatha all have missed 3 weeks so the standings are as published with Jessica at 14, Loriena at 13, and Tabatha at 6.