Discin In The Dark 2013   October 29, 2013 at 3:02am

Week #8 . . . 4 weeks left to make up points!

We still had 20 people this week despite the cooler temperatures. We had another ace by Chad Niezgoda who hit #16 (with a Glow Wizard he bought from me last week . . . Get them now before the price goes up!!!!). This was his first league ace so he was excited to take home some cash. We also had an impromptu costume contest this week. . . it was an idea that came to me earlier in the day and while I feel like it may have been short notice I couldn't pass up the chance at offering up something special for those dressed in costumes. SOOOOO . . . I will offer the same deal up again next week Monday for anyone who did not dress up this week. If you come in costume next week and play the round in the costume. . . you will be eligible for a mulligan . . . and the winner of each divisions best costume award (as voted on by the general league population) . . . you will also be given a tip about where to find a Glow Lizard. (all you perverts please refrain from comment).

In Open we had 8 people again . .. we had a 2 way tie for the win between TJ Webber and Joel Kamoske with their excellent rounds of (-12). Also in a tie were Scott Slauson and Drew Retherford this week with their (-10). For only the second time in all 8 weeks did it take double digits under par to take home some cash. I think people are stepping up their games and getting accustomed to playing in the dark!!! Either way it seems to be a battle at the top between TJ and Scott for first and second . . and Bob Bawden, Patrick Brah, Myself, Drew Retherford, and Mike Finley all have legitimate shots at taking home 3rd place in this long 12 week season. With the three worst point totals dropping it is anyone's game for 3rd place. Let's get it on (again . . . perverts . . . no comments please)!

In Intermediate we saw another consisten turnout again with 9 people playing this week. Keegan (one of those who had dressed up in costume . . . only to be bested by a man in a skirt and a wig (Greg Weber) had an excellent round (-9) to take home the big bucks this week. Following a few throws behind him were Greg Klein, Chad Niezgoda (ALSO ACED) and Josh Davies who all threw (-6) this week. In a 3 way tie for the final funny money was Greg Weber, JD Cottrill, and Nick Williams.with their rounds of (-3).

In Recreational we had only 2 players and Brian Williams had a 54 (Even) to take down the funny money this week.

Loriena was the only woman this week and she had a (+11) off her normal pace but still respectable. . . Loriena said she would have played better if she had some competition. Jessica I know you were hurting with an ankle injury, but we both hope to see you come back next week. I promise . . . NO SNOW!!! Tabatha and Lori . . . can we expect to see you again in the coming weeks?

Mike Harrington   October 29, 2013 at 3:45am

Sorry about this but I forgot to add just how close Intermediate is in the standings are . . .Greg Klein at 54 total points but currently dropping 17 points leaves him sitting at 37 total combined. Keegan Wenzler sits at 53 total dropping 9.5 points for a total of 43.5. JD Cottrill sits at 52.5 tot ... more